Manchester United thread


Image Conte taking over at United. Mourinho would be absolutely furious :grinning:


Conte just follows Mourinho around, clearing up the mess he’s made :grinning:


Conte is exactly the kind of guy they’d want if they want to continue this stagnation. The fans just don’t want that kind of football being played.

But anyways, fuck if I care, I’d love them to get Conte. It will end like shit again. I’d be properly scared if they did get Poch, because then they will legitimately be title contenders.


Poch is the danger. What a coup that would be.


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Conte would get them winning straight away. He’s a much better choice than Poch is that’s for sure.

Poch has really poor game management and would require a few seasons to construct a team that fits his imagine.


I think the fans would buy into the long term plan though.

Conte is another short term stop gap they have been through already. Chelsea fans were completely fed up with him by the end. He’s the reason William wanted to leave and why they don’t have Diego Costa anymore.

He’s another abrasive character that pissed off his players and plays pretty pragmatic football which isn’t the way to go for me anymore, and isn’t something the United fans will have much patience for at this point.

Sure, he will get them going short term, but I dunno how much that will last in this environment.


Please please keep Moaninho!


Enjoy lads


I don’t think anyone gets them winning straight away. For all the expenditure, I really don’t think this squad is all that.

Back on track and winning straight away were what van Gaal and Mourinho were meant to bring and it didn’t really happen. Someone like Poch is probably what they’ve needed before that.

What they probably want is a coach that will bring the hope of the attacking identity that United fans have convinced themselves they had before Moyes. They’ve had 3 coaches in the last 5 years who’ve completely wrecked that illusion and there’s only so long you can go trying to win ugly and it not working before fans get fed up.

I think Poch would be a decent choice for improving them as a whole but they’ll probably reach a point where they want something better, but for the next 2 or 3 years or so I think he’d make a positive impact.


Keep 'em coming United

What about Zizou? Whilst Madrid’s La Liga form was a bit patchy under him his record speaks for itself. Seems the most plausible to me too tbh.




He’d be great for any club out there.

However, what must be taken into consideration is what kind of football they want United to play. If they want someone with a (very) clear style of attacking play, who’d play the same kind of football no matter the quality of the squad, then Zidane would be the wrong choice.

They should get Quique Setién if they want attacking football with the ball. He looked good enough to be of interest for top clubs when he was coaching Las Palmas and he’s surely proven himself now with Betis.

Doubt a big club like United would ever hire a relatively unknown manager like him though. They’ll get a big name for sure.


Real snoozefest on the United bench. Lovin’ it.



Full on sabotage mode


Hope they fire Mourinho and hire Big Weng :wenger:


That and hiring Conte would really piss him off.

Not enough for me to want to see it but being replaced by a specialist in failure would be the death of Jose…


I don’t think so either, it’s a huge undertaking.

Think Poch would be much more suited :henry2:


I hope they don’t get Pochettino.
Content would be fine. His pathetic excuse making will keep United average


5 points above Manure. Love it!