Manchester United thread


Mourinho vs. everyone. Gonna buy some pop corn!


Unfortunately, it seems like the show is going to end sooner rather than later, but at least we’re in for a grand finale. (the way things are going, Mou is not going to last until December, I think).

I’d rather have this shitshow going on until the end of the season, knowing that we’ve got one less rival for the top-4 spots. A new manager should be able to steady the ship, given a generous influx of transfer funds in January.

(I sort of hope that new manager would be Wenger, but I know that’s not going to happen).


That would be great.
If he turned it round it would prove he is a better manager than Mourinho, and it would be funny to watch the Man U supporters getting confused at having to support someone they used to despise.

I want Mourinho to stay because if he leaves, they might get a decent manager in, although the favourite to replace Mourinho, who is the favourite to be the next PL manager to leave, is Zidane and I’m not sure he is the right man for the job.


Hey Jose…

“Hello darkness my old friend…”



I don’t think Wenger would take the job. He said it’d be hard (ie feel wrong) to manage another PL club, well United would be the worst.

Although it would be fun to see what Wenger would do with Martial, Rashford, Pogba and Mata. They’d be playing some expressive football.


He needs to stay until the end of the season to make sure Manure don’t qualify to the Champions.






The original video to the audio on this is fucking hilarious, I cry every time, especially as they’re apologising to each other towards the end of it :rofl::rofl::rofl:


haha yes “ok. have a nice day.” :rofl:


Haha I never saw the ending until now


The shitshow goes on. United are down to West Ham.
LE: 2-0 down. Boy it would have been great if we were facing Utd now, when they are so terrible.


That video is hilarious everytime.
The expression on the guy’s face and hand gesture in the end, kills me


What is the betting that fucking Maureen will be gone by the time we face these fuckers and they will have a new manager with a point to prove playing at their best.


Would Zidane be a good fit? Not sure at first thought


Knowing our luck yeah :xhaka:


I don’t either but Man U have made poor decisions on recruiting managers in the last few seasons and i want it to continue.
But I do think Zidane will be their next manager.


Current next Man United manager odds. Not sure who would be the best fit.


Poch is the guy they should go for.


Conte is a very good manager and could sort out the mess Mourinho has made, like he did when he took over from him at Chelsea.
Potation would be good because it would mean he wouldn’t be at spurs and the pressure of taking over at a top European club might be too much for him.
But I said last week that Zidane is favourite and I wouldn’t be surprised if Man U had already approached him.