Manchester United thread



Despite this fiasco, one thing I will commend Mourinho on is sticking to his philosophy that the boss is the boss and nothing will change that. No one could chat shit to Ferguson at United and Mourinho is following suit.


This is actually every Arsenal fan’s fanfiction when we sold them Alexis coming true, though, isn’t it? Couldn’t have hoped for more :arteta:


Espn article:


Don’t know if it’s true, but don’t care


Im an atheist, but this Man Utd meltdown is just too good to be true. God must be good.


I can’t tell you how much I hope that quote is legit. Imagine saying that about your club captain :joy:


Alexis has totally fucked them up :arteta:


If this was a manager who instead of struggling was having his most successful part of his career, then no one would find the decision to strip Pogba of the captaincy controversial. He’s been given special treatment like no other United player but still decided to publicly undermine the manager. There’s not a single manager out there who’d find this acceptable.


It’s over.

He questioned the players effort this week pegging it at circa 30% and it’s not even half way through the season, if it comes to that you essentially give your tenure the kiss of death. These same players would be running through brick walls for Klopp, Poch, Pep and the like.

3rd season syndrome in full effect, grab the popcorn.


If Mourinho wasn’t a potty mouth, I would subscribe to your line of thought.

If Mourinho can dish out, he should have the tact to deal with some as well. He is just a massive cry baby who deserves what he is getting.


Yep, it’s that time when a new club discovers that Jose is a dickhead. Good news is no league trophies from the first or second season. He’s done and let’s hope that Manure spirals down several places on the table a la Chelsea.

I can’t imagine any so called top European teams hiring him in the future. His schtick has grown thin and he certainly won’t win any fans over with the boring football that he plays.


The dunces at PSG might, hope that shitty club does and he does the same and royally fucks them up, oil money dirty fucker club.


At this rate, he might be out before the end of the year, which is sad cause he has potential to do so much more damage to United if given the time.


United should just replace him with Conte. Mourinho would be furious :arteta:


Moyes turned down Ozil got Felliani


At this stage I’m actually wondering whether Mourinho purposely gets sacked in his 3rd season to pick up the contract money.




Andreas Pereira, another player frustrated by his limited opportunities, is understood to have attached himself to the group of Pogba disciples.

It has not gone unnoticed around Carrington that while Pogba arrives at training in a black chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce, Pereira has bought himself a white Bentley.


The Mail blaming Pogba for Pereira pulling up to training in a white Bentley. This is fabulous stuff.


Pochetino to Madrid, Mourinho to Spurs. Giggs and Terry to manage United and Chelsea and have all the players shit scared of their boss fucking their wives. They’ll all get relegated and we’ll still end up 4th behind City, Everton and Watford.