Manchester United thread


I’ve just looked at the odds for the next PL manager to leave, and Mourinho is favourite.

They also have Zidane as favourite to take over.


The meltdown is strong in this one :joy::joy:


Mourinho is like Wenger: it’s never his fault. Cocky ego cunt.


Wenger defended players to a fault.


He’s nothing like Wenger…


Both always looking for an excuse.


Man United should get rid of both Pogba and José. They’re both contributing towards the circus.

Get Moylesy back in. Pretty sure he still has a year or so left on his original contract :grin:


Utd taking over from us as the banter club of the top 6 :joy:


Nah long may the circus continue. No one will see us breaking back into the top 4 whilst the media is focuses on the Utd Shit Show !!


Guaranteed that Mourinho left a dig and Pogba responded with something along the lines of “Watch how you talk to me”. Buffoon really let that World Cup get way over his head. Let’s not forget that one of most quality squads in football history won the World Cup by playing less inspiring than Greece in 2004.


You fools, heathens, unbelievers.

You should have had faith in the warm, the constant: the Mourinho 3rd season.


Crap - they are not even close to each other in philosophy, temperament, post match interviews or in the press.


serious question, is Maureen still living in a hotel? If he is then surely the people at the top of Manu should be thinking hhhmmmmm his heart isnt in this.


No person likes to admit fault but unlike Mourinho, Wenger has periodically taken responsibility.
Heck he even acted as a punching bag for all thing Arsenal, even though it was someone else’s work.

Mourinho on other hand. give me one instance where he has been like ‘yeah some blame lies with me as well’


Don’t get rid of Mourinho.
This is brilliant.
A team I can’t stand, being managed by someone I despise even more, losing two games in a few days to teams that they should be beating comfortably, in front of their own supporters.

You’re right, it is a circus.
Pogba and Sanchez are the clowns, Mourinho is walking the tight rope and it’s the best show in town :grinning:


Jose is Jose but does Pogba have any professional pride? Come to United as the leagues most expensive player and you’ve done fuck all in England to justify a move to Barca.

Fair enough if you help your team to lift the title and bounce but you’re contributing to the disintegration of any squad harmony they may potential have in addition to dropping erratic performances on the regular, the problem is United signed marketing hype rather than a genuine out and out world class player.

Said it would end in tears for Jose even before this fiasco started but now it may actually end in bloodshed, it’s beyond comical.


This just gets better and better, please Mourinho find a way to stay longer


Six years ago you tell anyone that United would now be closer to dropping out of the top four rather than winning the title and Liverpool are now genuine contenders for the CL and PL title what would their reaction be? :joy:


Emery should get sacked if we couldn’t finish above Manure :mustafi: . They are in total disarray :smile:


What a tweet :joy: