Manchester United thread




Which is nothing unusual to be fair. He has been in the game for 15 years at this point. Except for Ferguson I really can’t think of a manager who has had sustained success for 15+ years.


What I love the most about this crash and burn of mou at united is that I’m fairly convinced if they’d hired him when Ferguson left and he’d inherited that title winning side he’d have been able to do enough consolidation to have kept them relevant and it’s quite likely they’d have won another league by now.

But Moyes and Van Gaal left him such a mess that I don’t think he even slightly fancied it right from the off. Add in Pogbas return (don’t believe he’s Mous signing) and where that’s looking like it’s heading and it’s just a complete cluster fuck.

They’ll continue to print money as the biggest club in the world but they can’t fuck up another managerial appointment.


Give it Giggsy till end of the season


I wouldnt trust giggs with a sweet wrapper…yes give it to him for a good few seasons


At the end of the day I don’t really think the Moyes/Van Gaal stints had that much effect on what he could do at Manchester United. He still managed to get 81 points in his second season, but they haven’t exactly made great signings during his time there and that’s on him or the people who were responsible for transfers. I mean Lindelof, Bailly and Mkhitaryan/Sanchez have hardly been convincing.


Can’t believe this, genuinely thought United were completing the quadruple this season


You’ve gotta laugh :rofl:


Would disagree and I did have more context to the point than that.

No doubt he’s been a bit useless himself in terms of adding to that squad but that’s partly because he never gave a fuck in the first place imo.

To add some more context, I’m not just talking about the playing staff as the mess that Moyes and Van Gaal left. Mou should have walked into a title winning side in 2013 and brought them on, instead he walked into a side who had spent three years in the shits (comparative to their last 20+ years) and a team who had lost all their identity that Fergie had built up (losing to teams at OT for first time in decades and shit like that that just wouldn’t have happened under fergie). And, imo, he simply never fancied it and it’s showed. Even if they came second and won a EL along the way.


He’s such a shit man manger :joy::joy:


Bwahahahaha!!! I get so much joy from this cretin losing… is that sad?


Nope, he is a specialist in failure after all


Good times…


Mourinho’s comments regarding Jones and Bailly just reveal the kind of ugly person he is on the inside. Just him shifting the blame to someone else, as he always does. You know Jones and Bailly wouldn’t be playing for him anymore after this and by that I mean them going the extra mile when he needs them the most, like most of his Chelsea players would do during his first stint there.

Also love how Frank Lampard got the better of him. That’s just got to hurt him that much more.


Basically tell Jones he is shit. Pure comedy gold :rofl:


Whatever happens to us this season - this fallout has already made it special :rofl:


I guess this stint with United should confirm that Mourinho can only be effective if he has the best squad in the league.

He is not one for building something.



It’s funny Mourinho almost blaming Jones for missing the penalty.

Man U were at home to a Championship team, they shouldn’t have gone to penalties.

He has spent more money than any other club, apart rom Man City, and broken the transfer record, as well as buying some of Europe’s best players, so there is no excuse.

The mistake he has made, is that the sort of players he buys are often volatile and have massive egos, so when things aren’t going their way, they let everyone else know.

This isn’t new, it happened at Chelsea and Real Madrid.
This is what happens when you buy success rather than building a team.


haha more time to do what exactly? spend another 400m?

He’s finished this season, 100%. I gave him the benefit of the doubt at Chelsea but it’s clearly happening here too and there’s been no real high point in his United career to make him deserve more faith.