Manchester United thread


He said Premier League titles and he’s right because only Pellegrini and Pep have a PL title to their name.


It’s fucking art, maaan! You just don’t get it! :hipster:


By that logic he should have shown a lot more respect to Arsene Wenger.


Ok, fair point. Still a moaning cunt who has lost it.


How much you wanna bet that he was waiting until Wenger was gone before using that line? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


The amazing thing about this situation is that Man U gave him a new contract.
How stupid are their board to think this wouldn’t happen, when he has behaved like this at almost every other club he has been at?


He literally couldn’t use it when Wenger was here


Now we know when he was so desperate to see Wenger get sacked.
Dude is committed to his punchline.


Guess he knows Mourinho is gone soon.


Partridge x Brent hybrid?


I know. I’m willing to wager that clown has been waiting until he could use that line.


They are not stupid, they are just desperate.


Whilst I think flying a banner over the stadium is a bit silly, Ed Woodward has had it a long time coming.

With the money at their disposal, it’s simply criminal they aren’t closer to winning the league. He’s overseen a really poor period for the club.


Since Moyes got sacked they’ve brought in £700m of players with something like a £500m net spend.

In the same period City spent £800m with something like a £575m net spend. But that also includes luxury spends just because they can. They could have lived without £58m on Laporte or £45m on Bernardo Silva for example and still be just as dominant for £100m less spend, but United have spent money entirely to strengthen their first team but they really don’t have that many players that I’d want to steal.

I don’t think Woodward is getting anywhere near enough criticism for how badly that has gone, and on top of that all his managerial hires have not been at all what United or their fans wanted. It’s been a complete management fuck up from start to finish.

Even Ivan and Wenger would have done better.


To be real it’s quite surprising how he’s still in his job, he’s very clearly not up to the task.

Three bad managerial appointments in a row and they’re no closer to winning the PL title, right now Liverpool, Chelsea and even Spurs are more close to challenging than they are.

At this rate it’ll be a decade without winning the PL title which would have been almost blasphemous to consider not too long ago.


Tbf, only Man Utd could fuck up singings of Pogba’s and Di Maria’s magnitudes.
Something oddly bizarre with that football club.




Laporte is a pretty big upgrade going forward and Silva was a good squad addition and probably gets more minutes in the future.

United have bought decent but not great players. I’m not sure Wenger/Gazidis/StatDNA would of done much better considering the amount of flops in recent years. But then again if he does have that budget maybe Wengs pulls off a Mbappe


The big Pog has spoken. What a gem.