Manchester United thread


First few years when he coached the Chavs, yes, this tactics worked and kind of fun.
Unfortunately, he looks more like a one trick pony than many others, and people are tired and sick of this.

Many times when he fucked up the tactics/lineups but blaming others/players, this is not good.


Different approaches. Some coaches like to take the blame, others don’t. Both could serve great or could turn up badly. Look at Arsene, taking the blame so many times that players probably got too soft and relaxed. It can gert too fans too. Got me sick to my stomach how he tried defending Alexis’ antics even after he left.
Still, can’t call him one-trick pony. He still is in the top 5 coaches in the world, who interchange season by season mostly. Dude won everything. Obviously his famous third season is a worrying pattern but I do blame CEOs, chairmans and owners for thinking they’re playing Football Manager with their clubs.


All my friends that support United want him gone now, and it will be a very interesting debate if he is still the top 5 managers in the world.

To prove that, I want him to coach a team like Porto (less star players, a lot less budget) to a cup or two.


I used to dislike Mourinho when he was at Chelsea. Guess it’s because he talked down on Arsenal and Wenger.

However you got to respect the man who gets result even when his football is terrible to watch.

Louis Van Gaal got them finishing 5th and into Europa League. Mourinho got them to win the Europa League securing Champions League spot as the top four contest was too tight. Even won the League Cup.

I suppose the media hates him because of his football and attitude. They do like to pile on the pressure and sell the news. Just like they did with us.


Well to be fair, he has won the Champions League with them

I’m not sure he’s the same man now though


Right. Thing is, will he accept to lower his wages in order to join such team? Maybe he could do it out of spite and ego, so he can prove people wrong. And knowing Jose, his ego could push him doing crazy things.


Don’t you mean fortunately? He’s a dickhead, full stop. Need the 3rd season Josie meltdown to continue into a glorious crash and burn.

F Manure and their shit hole fans. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.


Tickled me at the end of the game as he stood stern-faced and solemnly applauding the remaining Stretford End gathering. It’s like he was pleading their support/forgiveness. Cunt.





I can only assume people are praising Mourinho in here in the vague hope that he hangs on there longer.



In his head, he went ‘I fucking owned him with my 3-0 routine’


At least Manure could defend until sometimes ago. Now they can’t even do that :arteta:


Please dont promote such a twat.


He was dog shite yest aswell


He talks about people giving him respect when he is the most classless manager in Europe.
He also says he won three titles when in fact the word “won” should be replaced by the the word “bought.”

What respect did he ever give Wenger?
He was constantly goading him and disrespecting him, and the reason was because he knew Wenger had won several PL titles, playing some of the best and most entertaining football in Europe, which is something Mourinho has never done.
He also knows that Wenger did it without spending vast amounts like he had when he went to Chelsea.

Most top managers are ego maniacs but the difference with Mourinho is that he has a nasty streak and isn’t likable as a person.

It used to annoy me when the media used to big him up, because to me he was just a vindictive, ego maniac, who used to break transfer records on squad players and then proceed to play boring football.

I hope he stays at Man U for as long as possible and this circus continues rolling on.

These meltdowns are the only thing he does that is remotely entertaining, because the football his teams play certainly isn’t.



Another big budget unveiling I see


What’s the best way we can sell this shirt?

I’ve got an idea, lets get some old scaffold poles and some old fluorescent tubes and sort of lean them on each other and then just stick some badges a white shirt, chuck it on a coat hanger, knowing there are enough mugs out there that will buy anything as long as it’s got a Man U logo on it.


“I have won more trophies than all the managers in the league”.

Hasn’t Pep won more?