Manchester United thread


What a flaming shitbag of a human being.


Not a bad meltdown, Just desperate journos looking to bait him with intentionally disrespectful leading questions.

It’s funny because he once loved this sort of thing from the media. He invited on himself


‘wake up Jose, it’s all over’


:joy::joy: what does having 3 titles have to do with losing 3-0?! Man is losing it


It’s strange, that United performance today reminded me so much of our performances against them in the last decade or 2. The fact it was Spurs who put them to the sword didn’t leave the aftertaste as sweet as it could have been.


He knows he is basically gone.


He had that answer pre-prepared for sure :joy:

Jimmies well and truly rustled.


He just wants to be fired so that United needs to pay him the compensation.


Performance wise doing way better.


Lmao “we didn’t lose this tactically”

In other words, it’s not my fault… FFS can’t wait til this cretin is out of football. I hate ManU but Fergie had his teams playing swashbuckling football at least.


He fucking did!! :joy::joy::joy:


This is what I wanted from a Mou interview after a result like this. I watched his post-match mixed zone interview and he was being all composed and short in his answers.

This right here is why right after the game ended I rushed to turn the lights down, light a couple of scented candles, put on a Barry White album on low volume and slip into something more comfortable looking to enjoy a good Mou meltdown to the fullest.

(The lady is still confused, she doesn’t watch football and thought she was in for a treat and now she’s got that look on her face that a dog has when you pretend to throw a ball but you hide it behind your back)


The fact the he knew that he won 3 PL Titles and his opponents altogether 2 though speaks volumes of what a weirdo he is to know these things. Man is obsessed. Come to Inter, Jose! Inter and Mourinho are a match made in heaven.


This is it one hundred percent. Chelsea have created a climate where it’s more financially pragmatic for a manager to fail than to succeed. Mou happens to be the poster boy for the movement and like complete fucking idiots Man U have followed suit.

It’s getting to the point now that the higher ups need to be really careful with who they select as a manager as the big names come with very big severance packages.


For me, it is not about the name(s) and salaries.

You could have Zidane, Pep, Anchelotti, Jupp, and still not able to win, BUT, these guys would lose with grace and dignity.

Fucking Maureen just like to make himself the enemy of everyone, blame everyone but himself, and make the club look bad. This is a serious problem.



I get what you’re trying to say but unfortunately I don’t think that’s the case anymore. A big name will come with big representation that will protect their interests. If I’m being honest I feel it’s the club’s fault in the first place for putting themselves in that sort of situation.

I do agree that it’s not right for a manager to crash and burn with the sole purpose of cashing out if they’re fired but at the same time I wouldn’t leave money on the table either.

Essentially it’s just a by-product of the chase for success within the EPL, but ultimately it’s just impatience and greed. When managers like LVG and Conte get sacked on the back of reasonable honours why wouldn’t you exploit the system if you knew you were on the way out.


Mourinho has never pulled himself out of a tough moment and turned something around. It’s looking like it’s end of days stuff really, but I hope it continues just a little bit longer :arteta:


Every coach has low points. Being pissed and showing it is part of the game. You need some eccentricity to be a top coach imo.
Plus, Mourinho created some fun and bizarre moments in football that many will remember. :arteta:


I have zero sympathy for Mourinho but the funny thing is that he is basically right about this match - he got the tactics exactly right, his team was perfectly set up to score a couple goals in the first half then close up shop - but Lukaku fluffed a chance at an open net then his CBs made catastrophic mistake after mistake in the second half. It was like his CBs wanted to collectively prove a point about how much of a bad idea it was not to bring in a replacement in the summer. Terrible defending on the first two goals, then Lindelof comes in for the injured Jones (shocker) and immediately gifts Spurs two more golden chances, which they didn’t even convert.

Fuck Mourinho. But the players bear a lot of responsibility too.