Manchester United thread


I love how in the space of the last 48 hours Arsenal have moved up three positions, without even kicking a ball :smiley:


She canee take the strain capt’n! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Ahaha Redcafe is down again!


Is the stuff he’s smoking no good then? :grinning:


I hope we can now finally take some of the Mourinho 3rd season spoils, fucking hated it when Chelsea beat us.

Oh, and the United being shite spoils too. Fucking do them at OT for once!!!


Abso fucking loutely! They are a mess. And they really, really shouldn’t be. It’s great!


Now is the payback time.

We should beat them twice this season and crown him the new “specialist of failure”.




We fookin robbed them rats muhahahahaba


Sanchez got mo money, mo problems.


Tbf is Mkhitaryan any better?


We didn’t have Mhki up in here playing a piano lol.


Yeah United really overhyped the signing thinking they were getting 2014-16 Alexis :joy::joy:



(That doesn’t mean much mind - just that Alexis is shite)

Honestly no better night’s than when Mourinho/United take an L.

Now, Mourinho 3rd season will affect both!

Fred for £50 million as well :arteta:

Could have had Torreira :arteta:


AHAHAH! He has lost it!

“From a strategic point of view we didn’t lose, the tactical point of view we didn’t lose, but we lost”.


Is that what he actually said? If he did, i think he is honestly worse than what wenger used to be, that has gotta be embarrassing for all involved in that shithouse.


Was thinking the same. Wenger talked crap, but never said those things.


He’s officially lost it


yeah shit, he is gonna be sacked soon isnt he…ffs