Manchester United thread


So much love to see him implode again… if we can get our act together, could see us overtake them this season.


Surely they are catchable in an Arsenal perspective. They should count themself lucky to even have 3 points in the bag after 2 games.


They still have tons of quality in that squad. Think us finishing ahead of them is entirely dependant on how long they let Mourinho fester. Or who they bring in as his replacement. Hopefully they’ve fucked themselves by not making that change during the summer.


I love to see them suffer but let’s be real our defence is bloody terrible and the team is adjusting to what Emery wants from them, additionally we aren’t even playing our best XI.

Finishing above them will still be very difficult even if Jose continues to rub the team the wrong way, I think there’s a chance they could finish outside of top four if he doesn’t sort it out though.


Arsenal have a better balanced squad than Man Utd. 100%. People still missing the point about how much their squad cost. Quality>Money. Mourinho can’t work with those players. Just because you bought crap for 40 million pounds doesn’t mean it’s not crap.
I would give them this though. They have some real superstars like Pogba, Martial, Alexis, Lukaku and Rashford. Unfortunately, they can’t fit together or have the right players to glue them together. Failed project by Woodward. That’s what happens when you don’t listen to the manager and think this is some Football Manager bs.


Smh Paul, استغفرالله.

After we all fought for you.

Piping chicks getting them pregnant during Ramadhan, kmt.


She’s clapped lol


Is that story for real?


You’d think Mourinho has nowhere near as big a job waiting for him if he fails miserably at United just as he did at Chelsea.

The writing is well and truly on the wall though…


Could see PSG going for him tbh

Maybe AC Milan too


PSG will likely have Tuchel for more than just a season though. And AC Milan isn’t likely is it? He’s still seen as a legend at Inter and calls it “his house”.


Honestly I don’t see him jumping back into management ASAP if he’s sacked from United. Will probs go back to working for BT for a while


Maybe he could be a translator again and work for Emery :arteta:


I actually think Inter is his best body of work tbh with you


Go back to BT? what do you mean haha. Don’t remember him ever being a pundit on there


It appears I have mistaken a few ad appearances as long term partnership. My mistake!

She did some work for RT over the summer. so I think he’d be in demand


Fraudchenko ! :cech:


Ivan + Jose :arteta:

I asked the chairman for €60m to sign Perisic, he asked if I would prefer €17m to sign a Dortmund player instead.


“Congratulations on seeding your fiance”…some classy stuff right there. :roll_eyes: