Manchester United thread


I think squad harmony is a little overrated but it was great to see Alexis and Pogba already giving each other the shits.


Paul Pogba asked if he is happy at Man Utd: “There are things I cannot say, otherwise I will get fined. If you are enjoying what you do you give your the best. But if you’re not happy, you cannot give your best.”


Love it…:mkhi:


Meltdown incoming :henry2:



Fucking hell this Amazon documentary has been sublime propaganda for Man City as a team. They’re still a plastic nothing club but fair play to them, was a great move.



Sounds like a spin that.

A fine is acceptable if he took more time than he was permitted or if he went AWOL


The media are just milking the José circus atm. I have no doubt Martial took the piss and the club punished him for it.


Yup no matter how much we would want United to have a shit show, they are a professional club with proper policies in place to deal with such stuffs.



Laugh it up while u can while the Brighton’s of the world beat United, cuz the second they see us they’re gonna be playing like SAF united circa 1999.


Woodward didn’t show any faith in Mourinho during the summer so if they should sack him, then they should do it now. I really don’t see the point though, of extending the contract of a manager and then only allowing him to sign 2 out of the 5 players he wanted. Surely Woodward have to go as well.


Lol sky talked to Manchester United fans outside the stadium after the match and they all hate him and want him out. They all think he’s lost the dressing room again :syringe::syringe::syringe::syringe:


United really fucked themselves the inflation. They took shortcuts instead of organic growth




I must have watched that slap at least 15 times on a loop then :joy:

I’d love to have seen the reaction. At school all the kids used to do all sorts of mean shit to each other for a laugh, but if you slapped someone that hard it was a beef ting :joy:


It’s a ferocious thing isn’t it?


Nah not a fan of that slap haha. could get a brain hemorrhage from that!


I thought basically the same. Haha