Manchester United thread


I’m enjoying the Man United fans covering their backs with “I wouldn’t miss Pogba” and “He’s not that good for us anyway” comments. No doubt he’ll be world class again if he stays.

Really, Man United need to be doing everything they can to keep hold of their prized assets and get shot of Mourinho. It’d be the best £30m they ever spend. He’s ruining that club at the moment and driving their best players away, not to mention his negativity could put possible new signings off – not that i’m complaining mind, but from their point of view, the cancer needs to be erased. If it’s him or the player(s) then there should only be one winner.


Shhhhh that doesn’t fit the Anti Pogba narrative that so many fans seem to love to talk about.


It’s good to see Mourinho’s complaints and spat with woodword about transfers.

United have fucked themselves over with their transfer inflation. Everybody knows they have big money, must make it difficult to negotiate reasonable deals


Yes. He wears the England shirt ffs.


But more importantly you are likely to get blood on your shoes and that shit comes off so hard.


I can see Mourinho resigning if they lost to Leicester.


Mourinho has to stay as long as possible. He’s finished like Wenger was.

United will be back if they can somehow secure Poch so Mourinho has to stay


And lose out on that sweet cash one gets on getting sacked? Never.


They could sign Messi and nothing would change. Mourinhos style is so outdated its hilarious. Park the bus, give the opponent the ball and put ZERO pressure on the opponents midfielders or defenders. The fact they ended 2. last season is down to a huge amound of LUCK and of course the worlds best GK De Gea.


He is already rich enough.


Yeah but he needs all he can get, his breakdown is fast approaching and he’s going to blow his cash on gambling and fast cars.


If he’s not off this year, he probably will be in the future.

It’s what we all predicted has come to pass. Fat fuck Mino sniffs Alexis money in the air.


Pathetic club holding their players hostage. He doesnt wanna play at CB anymore ffs #FreePogba


Big Weng has done it again!! :wenger:

By selling Sanchez to United it made Pogba’s agent ask for more money for his client and he now wants to leave


But that is not much to go by, in reality if it wasnt for de gea they would literally have been midtable.


Told you that Sanchez would have destroyed their dressing room. Love it!


I think it’s more to do with Jose destroying the dressing room, but let’s not judge too soon the season hasn’t started yet and they finished 2nd last season.


He finished 1st the season before his last meltdown season :wink:


Manchester United are taking L’s left right and centre :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Since Sir Alex left his roll at Manchester United they have spent near on a thousand Million pounds on players . About 750 Million to be nearer the mark .
When you stop and think about those type of figures, then you’ll realise the real game has died.