Manchester United thread


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Here we gooo third season meltdown incoming :popcorn:


Everyone says last season De Gea saved them and they were in a false position so I guess he’s right. Fred alone isn’t going to make that difference up.

Maybe United are learning there’s no reason to throw pointless amounts of money at players if it does nothing. Look at what City have spent and achieved , breaking PL records etc., then compare with what United have spent and achieved. It’s laughable.

Guardiola got close to the best out of all his main players. Mourinho is still scratching his head over how to get the best out of Pogba and Sanchez.


Good. We can overtake them now.


Is it wrong to want to see Jesse Lingaard just get kicked in the face?


I get the vibe they might be preparing for life after Mou, and a big part of that could be keeping their warchest dry for the next manager.


Conte would actually do wonders at United


3 weeks after the world cup and people already dissing our heroes?



That would be like replacing one moaner of transfer activity with another.


Think he’s exactly the kind of manager they need to avoid unless they want another circus.


Two seasons at a club with an permanent dysfunction in the senior management and a historic track record of short-termism when it comes to managers does not tar Conte at all. The circus come from Chelsea and the inevitable breakdown between board and manager.

Conte actually brings the perfect blend of organic growth along with necessary big spending. I think he’d be perfect for United


There was a bit of a circus at Juve as well, and his football style will jar with what the United fans would want.


Would love for him to get sacked with Manure in the 17th place :smile:





Bullshit sources but it seems like there’s been a brief.

Raiola really up to his tricks, glad we haven’t been able to experience that cancer yet, Mkhi isn’t big enough for him to hold us to ransom tbh.


Also - lol:


Actual lol if Pogba leaves after only rejoining them with massive promo 2 yrs ago.


Raiola and Pogba are obviously pushing for a deal to Barça, but no way will United even consider selling him.


United :arteta:.


I desperately hope Pogba stays, the melt down is going to be fantastic, he’s been way below par for them anyway, throw in all this drama and add the Martial situation and you have all the ingredients for the Jose 3rd season meltdown. I can’t wait for the circus show to start.


Pogba was not below par for them last season, he was their best player not named De Gea: