Manchester United thread




So Martial is on less money than Welbeck ? :rofl:


Dat English premium.


Apparently Jose wants Harry Maguire. Still can’t quite understand the hype around him as a player. Would be totally cool if Man U throw away 50m on him.


Problem is that £50m to manu is like a guy with a decent job ‘throwing away’ £750 on a new TV. Its almost insignificant to them. They could ‘throw away’ 200m a season and still come out of it smelling of roses.


That’s true. I was thinking about it more in terms of him taking up space in their squad.

Gotta say, I’m really enjoying watching Jose have a complete and total meltdown even before the season starts.


Maguire beats Smalling and Jones. They won’t care about prices if they’re improving their team.


Don’t know what it is, but Maguire always puts me in mind of Jenkinson.


It’s his big square head.


Maybe it’s the fact he’s really just a Championship player at heart. :arteta:


Maguire is class don’t understand this snobbery. He’s better than near enough every CB we have


Yeah agreed I think he’s fantastic


Don’t think he’s much better than smalling or Bailly though tbh


Maguire is last hour’s news. It’s all about JB now…


Now we’re talking.

As long as Mourinho slaps some positional reminders I to him, he can possibly regain that 2014 Boateng form.


Boateng is super injruy prone these days.

It’s likely they won’t see the best of him, he seems to be a player on the wane.

He’ll be chilling with Bailey on the injury table at the first opportunity.



I don’t know why more friendlies aren’t like that tbh. Teams seem to try to play in pre-season but when playing a big side there’s value in testing the defence with a good bus parking. It’s how United would play Bayern if they met in the CL QFs.


Im gonna watch every single press conference with Mou this season. Better than any Netflix series !


Josè will just never change. He just hate attacking :arteta: