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I wish the world cup was still on



Mourinho was speaking facts. (Excluding his comments about Martial)

He’s never given a toss about youth so why should he pretend as if they’re key parts of the upcoming season?

This whole ICC is a load a shite tbh


Facts or not, the way he conducts himself isn’t helping anyone. He doesn’t like youth players? Fine, don’t use them unless you have to. There is absolutely no need to shatter their confidence in the process. Imagine being one of those players. Saying Sanchez is too good to associate with them? Do me a favour!

When José first came to England he was a bit of fresh air and he at least had some charisma and some of his public criticism was valid and served a purpose. What we have now is an angry man who is making managing Man United seem like a prison sentence. Seems to have written the Leicester game off already. Carry on whinging José, no one is going to feel sorry for you.


Agreed though I thought he was a bellend from the off.

I hope when he leaves Man U later this season he fucks off to another league and never comes back to the EPL so we don’t have to listen to his shite on the media.


He is not lasting for the whole season, imo.


Sacked by Christmas with United 16th like Chelsea three years ago :pray:


One thing which has always bothered me about sport interviews is people constantly ask for genuine non PR responses and when they get them there’s always backlash against the level of honesty provided.

‘Shatter’ their confidence is a bit strong. 99% won’t make it at the club regardless of the manager.

The Alexis comments are fine too. I see no issue with a manager expressing his frustrations about a preseason and the readiness of his key players in the context of a key season. You’re essentially angry because of his harsh tone and non PR answers?

There’s alot of undue hysteria around Jose mainly fuelled by social media and rival fans


Definitely. It’s just as likely to make some of them go “i’ll show you ya cunt” as it is to destroy them.


Thing is though you need to know who to hit with a stick and who to use the carrot. Jose is all stick stick stick and eventually it will always end in tears. In life and in football that’s a page 1 from Management 101.


Its all a bit bollocks though traveling to the states in preparation for the League and your forced to play players that havent got a chance of playing in the season ahead.
Can see why a few managers must be totally fucked off with this agenda.


Had 10 years of carrots under Wenger and that didnt work that well.


It’s basically been a reality since mourinho first came to the PL though.They should be able to figure out a way to deal with it.


He himself knows he is not one for long projects.
He wants the clubs to assemble a squad of his liking in one fell swoop & allow him to give it a go.

Instead of being a whiny fuck, it would be better if he is up front about it.


Well yeah you have to suck it up, but theres no great learning curve coming from it either way. Its not about training imo if your taking kids, just about branding.


Wow imagine how disheartened you have got to be being a youth player with this prick. Basically announcing to the whole world, yeah you are playing today but you have fuck all chance of being in the first team and basically i dont want you in my squad.


I would luv being hit by the stick :henry2:


I’m sure there are a few who would love to hit you with a stick too!! :wenger:


I think the illusion is well and truly shattered now. Nothing special about his tactics or man management or development of players or stretching a budget or mind games now. All he appears to do is piss people off.

I’m surprised a club as huge as United are still putting up with it, especially after they were reluctant to take him in the first place. It’s pretty clear at some stage he’s going to drag them down before he raises them up.

Also lol at Ashley and Fellaini being the first people he thinks of for “my players” :joy:


I giggled too.

Also the bit about Lukaku is good microcosm of all thing Jose. Shrugged him to Everton when he was young and now he can’t have not having him around.