Manchester United thread


Or maybe I sneakily asked Phoebica for nudes?:kos2:

Shawly not


What does that say about the rest of the squad :arteta:


An angry Josè :sunglasses:

Seriously though, Martial really needs to leave United. It’s clear him and Mourinho aren’t going to see eye to eye and this certainly isn’t going to help matters.


Martial is Hazard level material. He needs to get away from that rat infested shithole asap


What a cunt! So according to him, football>>family. Heartless cunt.



Good to see him on the mend !!


Glad to see him back.


Much as I’ve alternated between hate and admiration on SAF over the years, I have to say he’s overcoming some steep odds on this. The man’s a winner.


Literally forgot about that to be honest. Glad to see he’s recovered.


He’s a cunt isn’t he? :mustafi:


Typical Mourinho. Always complaining :xhaka:


Mourinho giving his youth team a nice confidence boost…

He also had a little dig at Martial for not being there

He’s been top value during pre-season. Here’s hoping he’s on his way to properly losing the plot.


Would be fatal if he lost the plot. Want him as a Manure manager for years to come. Its too good to end it all now #MouIN


Nah the writing’s on the wall. He won’t quit but he’s basically asking to be sacked. The fans are sick of him. I’d imagine the players he is constantly throwing under a bus are sick of him. Not to mention his criticism of the board and Ed Woodward in regard to the lack of transfer activity – I don’t imagine that going down well. Maybe the moaning is his way to push for more signings, but it’s not the right way.

He makes the youth/fringe players sound like “make a wish” kids or competition winners. Has a go at Martial for being at the birth of his baby, has a go at Valencia for having too good of a holiday.

Yep, third season José is in full swing, should be a good watch :sunglasses:


He only signed a new contract back in January, can someone explain why relations are seemingly so poor now just a few months later?


Yeah I don’t have the feeling he’s taking this club forward this year, despite the team still being pretty good. If he could get the best out of Pogba and something close to the best out of Sanchez they could do well but it doesn’t sound like a nice atmosphere.


United are the best team in the world on PR. Not sure why they allow him to be quite like this abroad. Think hes basically right on the quality of his side though. Never the less its a bit churlish.


hahahaha fantastic. Third season Mourinho is about to get started!! :popcorn:


He could just not be a cunt though. He could convey the same message with other words. This is how his last Chelsea season started, wasn’t it?

They’re good enough to get top 4 but bad enough to not get it too. Hopefully they collapse and we can stroll back in.