Manchester United thread


they have signed fred, lee grant :rofl:, dalot who’s injured till September. Don’t think they will be signing anyone else unless they can get bale


Ah, yes. Maureen rides again. I’ve missed him all summer - about as much as a boil on my knob.


I think he is right about Pogba.


Bale is probably staying at Real.



Their team is reasonably new and only assembled in the Mourinho era. A part from the right winger and their wings backs.


They are a shambles.

Valencia and Young will both be 33 by the end of the season, one of the reasons United is so disjointed in attack is they have no bona fide FB’s. Both of their first choice FB’s are one dimensional and not great going forward.


If Man U don’t spend big, then expect Mourinho to have his ready made “I can’t compete with Man City” quote during the season, if they are not keeping up with them.



Poor thing got twatted hard by the ball during the game.


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Fat United F.C., tbh. Christ! Everyone looks so fat!


Seems like Mourinho has been going hard after the candies in the hotel room’s minibar.


Man Luke Shaw is fat.
That’s poor form from a footballer. Can he even last a match?




The fattest in-form player in the world :mustafi:


Higuain: ‘Hold my donuts’ :joy:


Ah he looks better here. Must have been camera angle or something in previous one.
Or what if this one is the deceiving pic.

We need clarity.
Send nudes.


You Shaw you want fatty nudes?


Luke what you have started now.