Manchester United thread




Arnautovic and Mourinho worked together at Internazionale. The Austrian’s time there wasn’t a success, he was pretty young too, but maybe he left an impression on Mourinho back then.


United have announced Fred. Curious to see if they finally have there centre midfielder for whom they have been longing so lang for.


I think a lot of footballers now don’t want to work with Jose…



I really enjoyed this from Lukaku. A really personal insight into his life. The saddest part is at the start in regard to how poor his family were – his Mum used to borrow bread and mix their milk with water as there wasn’t enough to last the week :slightly_frowning_face:


A man made by himself.


Great read that. Props to Lukaku


Yep that’s a great read. It amazing to find out what players are like away from the pitch. Andre Gomes gave a good interview before the end of the season too.


Wonder if we will have the Mourinho losing the dressing room this season.

Due this year…


The famous third year :henry2:


Thanks for sharing that, quite moving in places. The bit about his grandfather was very sad :disappointed_relieved:


A very good read that. Respect.


You cant make this stuff up :mustafi:


He’s not fat he’s festivally plump…



This guy :arteta:




This is surely too much even for Mourinho. Fake?


Who knows tbh


I swear it’s real but not a recent quote. Sometime towards the start of last season.

Edit: longer ago, 2016


Let’s be honest, he’s no Stevie G.