Manchester United thread


Who cares what he costs or what he’s paid. He’d instantly be one of the best players in the league again and be at Manchester United which is all they’ll care about.

Robben’s been injury prone forever but has still been an important part of every Bayern success.


Who misses out for Man United? Something’s got to give. The young players will probably need to move on.

Funnily enough though, i’m seeing Man United fans pushing for a Bale, Lukaku, Martial front three… no room for Alexis :speak_no_evil:


I think Mourinho feels under pressure after a dismal season in the PL and a poor performance in the FA Cup final.
The Man U supporters are getting to him because they see their two biggest rivals, Liverpool and Man City, with exciting managers playing very attractive football and getting success, while Mourinho plays boring football because it’s the only way he knows.

He got away with it at Chelsea because they were a nothing club, going nowhere, and then they started winning the top competitions, and their supporters couldn’t care less if they their style was boring, as long as it wads effective.

At Man U, the expectation is, not only to win trophies, but to do it with style and attacking play, and he has done neither.

The only amazing thing about this situation is that they gave him a new contract.


Swap Martial and Alexis names and you’re pretty much there.

Am I the only one who thinks Lukaku makes that front line a little pedestrian?


A fit / functional Alexis and Bale kind of takes away the need for someone like Lukaku.


I agree, Sanchez will be the player to play alongside Lukaku and Bale.

Lukaku might not be the most exciting player but he does get goals and he is a typical Mourinho striker.
I can’t see anyone else playing there, even though I rate Rashford, Lukaku is one of Mourinho’s biggest signings and he will stick with him and play to his strengths.


Lukaku will get goals but it’s at the expense of getting the best out of wingers, link up play, team play and generally a fluid attacking unit. Bale/Alexis won’t function as well as with a player like Lukaku.

United got 68 goals this season, we got 75, Liverpool got 84 and City got 106. Considering they have Alexis, Martial, Lukaku, Rashford, Mata ie better than our options, it shows how their attacking play is lacking. Even when they’re chasing a game like against Chelsea they struggle to create.

In 18 games for Arsenal Alexis got 8 goals and 3 assists. In 17 games for United he got 3 goals and 3 assists and averaged less than half the chances he got at Arsenal, so getting half the number of goals is unsurprising.


I agree with what your saying but Mourinho doesn’t play a fluid attacking game and he also doesn’t have a great record with certain attacking players.

It’s no coincidence that Sanchez hasn’t done as well at Man U as he did here because it seemed Wenger allowed him the freedom to do what ever he wanted and Mourinho is far more rigid in his tactics.

Also I agree that Bale and Sanchez playing with Lukaku won’t work that well, and that’[s why I want them to waste 200m and his 300k wages on him rather than strengthen their defensive positions :grinning:

But is Mourinho going to try and placate their supporters, who are already turning against his boring style, and go for a top attacking player like Bale, or is he going to strengthen the defensive positions?


Mourinho’s attacking game is essentially keeping the fullbacks and midfielders from commiting to forward runs so his team is always protected when the opposition win the ball. So the likes of Alexis/Bale will have to do that much more to score/assist, hence they won’t as much. They also are drilled to drop deeper to pick up attacking runs.

Where as Wenger is the opposite in that his fullbacks and midfielders overcommit and when possession turns over we need very fast. So it’s harder to defend for Wenger and harder to attack for Mourinho.

I think Mourinho gets both because I tend to think their budget is almost unlimited. Bale’s price probably will come down because even United aren’t paying 200m for a 29yo. Real will need a replacement whether it’s Fekir, Hazard, Neymar or whoever. Ofcourse City and PSG are the other teams who could potentially afford Bale


Sulkchester United. Bale and Pogbanterz taking wild long shots while the dogmolester is screaming for the ball. Cant wait for next season.


It might work with Bale but is Mourinho going to be able to keep Pogba and Sanchez happy next season, after their tantrums last season and are Martial and Ashford going to be happy to sit on the bench?
Mourinho has upset plenty of his top attacking players before, like Mata, Ronaldo, Hazard, Pogba etc, so let’s hope he carries the tradition on again.

It will also be interesting to see how FFP affects Man U because, if they do get Bale, it will mean three players will be earning 1m a week between them, or maybe because they have the word Manchester in their name, it doesn’t affect them.


United are a poor man’s City these days. Just splashing the cash without any reason on players they don’t need.




Surely a Bale to united move is about the money he would earn and not much else. Not really buying that he wants more game time and he’s not going to win more at United either.


If it’'s just money he might as well stay at Madrid? He’s not playing as infrequently as he’s making out, I think and I doubt he’s expecting much more than the £350k or whatever it is he’s on…

It crossed my mind yesterday that his comments might be a convince me to stay plea. He probably just wants Zidane to fuck off which probably isn’t happening now.


I think he started 20 games in La Liga and 3 in the Champions League. With the progression of Asensio (who is still only 22 years old) those numbers are a bit in jeopardy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is actually worried about his playing time tbh.


Don’t think united know what they want and just throwing around for fun


Arnautovic and Mourinho seem like a match made in heaven. They’re both utter cunts.


or it could be that one is an absolute cunt and the other is an utter dick, that is even more perfect for each other :henry2:


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