Manchester United thread


Hes a risk not worth taking for me. Had a few moments but not sure what the fuss is about really.


If that’s true it’s a massive coup for Spurs.


His first season was very good considering his age and also the fact it’s a big club like United.

He was their top goal scorer in that season too, despite Jose doing his best to ruin him he remains a huge talent capable of memorising performances, just needs the right environment.


Martial is a sleeping giant. The fact that Maureen doesnt play him only approve that.


Maybe but I get the feeling the Prem might not be were he showcases his ability. Not sure Spurs is a good fit either as they tend to be a bit functional. Think Alderweireld leaving loses them more than they gain.


Martial strikes me as just the type of player Spurs need to try to go up a level.

That said, Alderweield for Martial? Given how much Martial could value on the open market? I’m not sure I believe it.


When they lose Kane they’re going to go down about 4 levels so even if they were to sign Martial I wouldn’t be too worried.


Surely Spurs will be too low a step down for him.

Won’t help that much with his France squad ambitions imo.

Should go abroad.


I’d be surprised if Martial ended up at Spurs.


There’s no way he would go to spurs unless they were selling one of their big name players.
They can’t afford him and I don’t think he would see spurs as an attractive proposition.
He is more than welcome here though and would suit our style of play more than under Mourinho.


Always liked Roy Keane :sunglasses:



World would be a really sad place if all lived like Roy expect us to.


At least Arsenal fans didn’t expect anything from this season so we were already prepared for the worst :wink:




Gareth Bale to Manchester United
And what could possibly be funnier than Manchester United throwing over £200m at a 29-year-old player who does not fit their system purely to prove that they really do still have a massive willy?



It would be great for every supporter who doesn’t support Man U, if they get Bale.

It would mean they would be spending almost their whole budget on an attacking player that Mourinho won’t know what to do with, and they need defensive signings.
He is almost thirty and injury prone.
He will be one of the highest paid players at the club.
He will be playing alongside Sanchez and Pogba, who sulk at every opportunity, and it will stop Martial and Ashford getting more games, which will mean there is more chance of them wanting a move away.

I read that Mourinho is complaining that Real Madrid want too much money for Bale.
Does he realise how it’s so hypocritical, because he is the very person who started the massive inflation of players fees when he was at Chelsea, Real Madrid and Man U?


£200m fee and £400,000 a week?

Seems like Man United is Bale’s only option, which is a shame for him because Mourinho will kill his attacking flair and destroy his soul.


Nah, I’m cool with that.


After 4 CL(scoring in 2 finals), Does he even care?


That’s what I mean.
If there is a manager capable of turning an exciting flair player into a Denilson, Mourinho is the man.
As well as paying 200m to do it.