Manchester United thread


Would happily take Alexis back as the new gunnersaurus.


He must have squeezed this chat in quickly while De Gea was on the toilet.


I’d laugh if he said that and every single player got up and quickly gave him their transfer requests, then the staff were like ‘ah well if you cant beat them…’ and then he is left in the room all alone thinking ‘ummmmmm that didnt go how i planned it WTF happened’


Cheeky bid for Martial? :unai:


Would love it. Our budget tho :santi:


Our budget is fine, it’s the common way of us doing things.


He would cost at the very least 60 mil. Thats a lot of fekin money. The only players we could sell for a respectble fee are Ramsey and Lolstafi.


Fr Ted fan? :grinning:


No mate, just like the word.


Well feckin watch it then! Best sitcom ever. :slight_smile:


We don’t need to sell we have a shit tonne of money. It’s a bunch of bollox we are short on cash!


Will look into that. But right now im more interested in King Unai and our potential incoming players. :unai:


Hopefully. Signing Martial still seems like a stretch tbf. A decent pacy winger would still do the job. Cant go into next season with only iwobi. Im trusting Unais connection to the latino market, should be plenty exciting talents.


It looks more likely that Martial will be involved in a deal with Spurs with Alderweldy (thank you Merse!) going the other way



Spurs getting the better deal here!


why would Martial go to such a banter club. its defo not happening.


Although it pains me to say it, Spurs are in the champions league and they’ve been closer to winning the league than Arsenal have in the last couple of seasons.

Martial would have to have a serious think about joining Arsenal. It’s not the no-brainer we all think it is


Marital wants regular football, don’t see how he gets that at Spurs.

For now their first eleven is pretty much set in stone, it’s their bench that needs some quality.


they have got a NFL arena as their stadium. Havent won a trohpy in 10 years(and that was the fekin coca cola cup). Harry kane will claim all your goals and they cant give you a decent salary. spuds will be spuds.


Lol! Big step back for him.