Manchester United thread


I think his style of football is catching up to him in his age.

He’s 30 in 7 months and playing every single minute of every single game for club and country so aggressively for so many years is going to take a toll.

Glad we shipped him out for Mkhi who suits our style much better and has a working relationship with Auba.


Throwback to January when Man United fans were laughing at us and claiming they robbed us blind…

I think it might have been the other way round


Mourinho has spent around 200m assembling some of the highest paid players in Europe and this season the Man U supporters have had to watch them playing the most boring football they have seen there.
They have also had to watch,
Man City win the PL by a record margin.
Liverpool get to a CL final.
Then lose the FA Cup final to Chelsea.

I bet the glory hunters are shifting their allegiance to the blue side of Manchester as we speak.
I really hope Mourinho sees out his contract.
This is comedy gold.


When this is the highlight of our season and your getting Arteta as your manager. Times are bad.


Alexis Sanchez gets 75k bonus per start, is this true?


Snakechez will run down every week of that big fat contract these melts gave him. Its a Rooney 2.0 situation for them again. Love it !


Mourinho moaning about Chelsea playing with 9 men in defence…Fucking rich considering he’s the one that made them famous for the brand of football he likes to complain about.

Also all this upset at Sanchez from United fans is pure gold, laughing at us for getting the inferior end of the deal…the fucking irony of it all.

I really can’t stand Mourinho and everything he stands for, is there a more despisable manager in world football?


the thing with sanchez is if he aint scoring goals or giving assists he is a hugely frustrating player to watch and to play with. Constantly moaning, gesticulating and complaining to his teammates. He will always go for the glory pass instead of the smarter and safe option, which leads him to loose posession an insanely amount of times. His game plan is basically:

Cutting in from the left and have shot with the right foot.

Cutting in from the left and make a lofted cross with the righ foot

Ignore all overlappibg runs from the LB

Moan at your teammates for not making and inch perfect 70 yard pass to him.

Im glad we got him shipped off in exchange for Miki. It improves or fluidity loads not having a gloryhunting one footed merchant like Sanchez. On top of that he has played 1 billion games of relentless pressing and running around since he was 16/17 years old and you can see his best years is deffo behind him. Good luck with that Manure.




I swear Sanchez was a good player.

Despite his age, he shouldn’t be so bad as he has been since 2017


I think a lot of Man United supporters may have thought some of Sanchez’ lacklustre performances for us this season were because he wasn’t committed to us anymore (though at least he was still scoring some goals for us). He’s been pretty hopeless so far at Man United and it looks like he’s lost a yard of pace.

The contract they gave him was absurd. Looking more like a panic buy to prevent City getting their hands on him. The coach and tactics might also be a problem of course – José isn’t exactly renowned for attacking flair.

Let’s see how Alexis gets on in a full season. But right now he’s not looking like a good purchase, and given the wages he’s on, they’ll be hard pressed to find a buyer.



Not just Arsenal Fan TV then.


The man is so past it. Can see him getting sacked next season.


Mkhitaryan hasn’t lit up the place for us. I’d still rather have Alexis. He wasn’t fully committed but he was still our best player in goals and assists and he’s responsible for our only 3 away wins. Playing under Mourinho takes away at least 10 goals from what you’d get in an attacking team


I think Mkhitayran will be a good player for us, although probably not as influential as Sanchez.
Also I don’t think we would have bought Aubameyang if Sanchez had stayed.
Wenger and the board were under massive pressure to keep the supporters onside, and to be fair, Mkhitayran and Aubameyang, in exchange for Sanchez, has turned out to be a pretty good deal for us.


Yeah it’s all well and good saying you’d rather have Sanchez, but we had no choice. Getting a player for another player who was going to fuck off on a free is the best deal we could have got.

I’m enjoying Mkhi so far.


Sanchez is done. His legs are gone and will only decline from now. Looking forward to seing him setting new records every week for most lost possesion in a game.


Mkhi has only scored 3 goals for us, been a very meh signing



I think he’s been a good signing really! It’s not all about goals especially a player in his position. Contributed to the attacking flow and had some assists as well.