Manchester United thread


Very sorry for your loss, Luca. She was the greatest friend you’ll ever have.

Hoping for the best for Sir Alex.


Thanks mates! :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear it @Luca_from_Italy :pensive: Hope you are doing well and my warmest condolences to you and your family.


Hey @Luca_from_Italy just saw this, really sorry to hear that, buddy. Stay strong and keep pushing on, with the good, passionate Italian heart you have I’m sure she will have been proud of you. A big hug from Madrid!


Thanks a lot @AbouCuellar and @Ocke! I am already recovering :slight_smile:



Great result! Keep it up Fergie!


I bet 8-2 gets a mention :grinning:


Good news!


Great news!


I’m really pleased to hear that.

Even though I’m an Arsenal fan



Fergie’s time.


Only just caught up with this thread.

Sincere condolences @Luca_from_Italy
Hope you’re holding up well buddy.


Thanks a lot mate! Doing well atm.


Happy trails lads


Right where’s my lube


Fucking love it! :giroud2:


He’s been trash. Works his socks off, but every time he gets the ball he holds onto it so long and completely stops our momentum and ends up making the wrong pass or trying a very low percentage pass

So glad we’re not dealing with this anymore.


yep, read that and had a good chuckle