Manchester City

This. When Ozil was signed, I remember a lot of fans outside the Armoury with it taking pictures. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that kind of fanfare for an Arsenal player before.

Deadline day on SkySports looked like something out of The Walking Dead during that time too. :rofl:



We’re seeing now though that this was down to the non-realisation of how good he is and probably because of the position he plays too.

Ozil was already a coveted world class attacking player in his prime that had shined for Madrid and Germany. And for a club who never spent big until then it was a huge shock through world football.

Rice has signed at a time where recent years have skyrocketed the expectation of signings and expenditure. And I’d still say the hype was pretty big given the summer saga. The ground was full of Declan Rice haircuts lol.

Now we’re seeing him prove we have very likely signed a world class midfielder.

The biggest statement signings we’ve made in the PL are Bergkamp, Overmars, Campbell, Ozil and possibly Aubameyang, because they were top quality European players at their peak, and Rice is definitely good enough to go on that list.

They’re all game changers and any club that’s serious about winning trophies needs players like this,
All we need is a striker of the same quality. :grinning:


Ozil is the only player that we’ve signed that I genuinely couldn’t believe that was an Arsenal player.

Sol was a shock but we are and were a far bigger club than Spurs.


You mean you don’t like having a striker tell the press that he’s not good at scoring? :saliba2:

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Christ that’s forever away. Two whole seasons at a minimum.

So that mean Pep leaves at the end of 24/25 season?


In fairness, when this story first broke the consensus seemed to be that it would take 3-4 years to sort out.

So this timeframe seems about right.

Compared to what Everton have done, Man City and Chelsea are in a different league so, if the PL do their job properly, a different league is where they might end up.

It’s amazing this has gone on for so long but maybe that might indicate they might get one of the biggest punishments in football since Juventus or Rangers.

Man City and Chelsea were barely mid table clubs with average support and only got success because their money laundering owners outspend every other club, so let’s hope they get what they deserve.


Everton’s charges are easier to deduce given the evidence PL had.

What City has done behind the scenes is very hard to litigate and will therefore take time. Considering there are 100+ charges, the independent council would need time to go through all the documents.

Hoping this has the just outcome at the end of it.

I commend FA to dedicate resources to do this the most litigious way.

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They also didn’t try and hide anything, which doesn’t seem to have gone in their favour.
But because Man City aren’t making it easy, might make it worse.
Just the massive amount they get in spurious sponsorship is enough to throw the book at them.

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Imagine the scenes if Man City get acquitted of every crime :rofl:

2025 eh, just in time for Pep to leave…to me that looks like guilt. Leaving the sinking ship Pep, naughty naughty!!

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I think it’s more likely than not they’re acquitted of everything. Maybe not on the initial hearing but my understanding was that they’re allowed to take an appeal.

Appeal will be similar to Everton, punishment is enforced and appeal can then happen I believe.

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That would be nice. Just the punishment being enforced would tank their reputation (the little they have).

Nice edit. I was thinking their charges were easier to seduce purely because of how sexy they are compared to City’s.