Manchester City

Somebody will game raise against them.

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It appears that Pep is being more strategic. He’s not interested in last season’s shock and awe strategy of scoring six goals against every team.

He wants to win every match and concede no goals. Slow and steady.

They could have scored 6 today.

If Pep is playing this style, why can’t Arteta choose to play this style?

We don’t have a Scandinavian mutant upfront.

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Our depth allows us to do that

City have depth. The albino goomba is the difference maker.


We’re going to have to beat them at least once this season to even have a sniff at the title.

They can come for it all they want but they wont get close.

Logically if it was gonna happen it woulda happened last year. They had a much deeper and arguably better team.

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Nah I don’t think they will either.

They’ll just have to settle for becoming the first team in English football history to win 4 consecutive league titles.

With an * next to it of course due to oil money financial doping. Idk anyone who takes any City accomplishments seriously everyone knows its a joke.


True. And they lost to Brentford at home last season. They’ll still get the odd weird result along the way.

'kin 'ell imagine if they had done it last season. A treble and an unbeaten season all in one. Pissing on United and us.

Thank god they have a mental block at that shithole Anfield every year (and Spurs)

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Be thankful for the financial doping though @BigWeng_4LYFE, otherwise Klopp’s Liverpool would have 3 league titles in recent times instead of the 1 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



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some people mock ours for how many draws we had but it’s just called jealousy

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Its a lot of money for a player turning 30 next summer but somebody - PSG, Barcelona if they pull a few more palancas, or Saudi Arabia - will pay this unless he has a really poor season.

That’s a shame, really thought the cheating little rat would be off.

I’m usually the optimist in these situations but given their and Pep’s track record I feel like I can say this.

Depending on how the next weeks unfold before the international break, there’s a good chance they run away with the PL.

If Liverpool drop points, and they win both of their remaining games, which includes our game with them at home with KdB and Rodri out(among other), then I just can’t see anyone stopping them.

Someone has to throw spanner in the works to stop their momentum. When these guys start gaining momentum it’s almost game over.


Yups. We’re already out of the race imho.

I hope Liverpool can chase them down and make them slip up.

If we can cause an upset in our next home game, then we may have a sliver of a chance.

But it’s a must win game, and we don’t play well at home.

I’d be content with a “must not lose” approach against them at this moment in time tbf.

In terms of consecutive league losses to one single team in our entire history, this Man City record has to be the worst, surely?

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