Manchester City Vs Arsenal (PL)

Premier League Match 25
Sunday 03 February
The Emptyhad Stadium
KO: 16:30 :clock430:

  • Arsenal win
  • Draw
  • Manchester City win

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Suárez hattrick on his debut?

  • Yes
  • no he will score 4

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0-2 Arsenal.

Clean sheet.


They are great, but not unbeatable. We can do it.

9-0 with Aguero scoring 7 of them.

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Fixed for @SRCJJ preference :poldi:

As for my thoughts on this game, I’d love for us to get anything from this match, but we’re so fucked in defence and injuries right now, plus City need a win to bounce back after their defeat, I think it’ll be too much for us. Maybe something like 3-1 to City.

But who knows, stranger things have happened.

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Afraid to use my usual scoreline here in case I @Mysty it.

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Nothing to see here. Move along please thank you

How did you get 8? There’s like 14 games left man :sweat_smile:

LOL Too late Calum, I quoted you already before your sneaky edit :arteta:

Cunt! :joy: Fuck knows mysty haha

I’m blaming myself from the Cardiff game as I just copied the same information and changed the dates etc. I had that as GW29 and no one noticed! :joy:


4-1 City.

Progress :muscle:


I don’t think Man City will win this.
I’m going for 2-2, with our new CB pairing of Suarez and Carrasco scoring.

4-0 City.

Do you have him in your FPL? :bellend:

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Man City will beat us easily.

I just hope Leicester do us a favour by making Manchester United drop points the game before

got a horrible feeling about this game especially because they lost their last one…i got a feel they are gonna take out their frustrations against us feel we will score one or two but they will score at least 3 thinking 4. I am gonna predict 4-2.

Yeah I have as it goes, and given that Man City have two games in the next game week it’s going to be captain Aguero for me :sunglasses:

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Hopefully you can drop points because it would mean winning at the Etihad :wink:

Is it weird that i hope we get smacked hard in order keep City close to Lolpool?

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