Manchester City thread


When we need a new manager.
Emery is just keeping the seat warm for when Guardiola decides to move to The Emirates.


Pep, a lover of challenges, has apparently been talking about becoming Juventus manager.

Pep and CR7 will be interesting tbh.


If he goes to Juve, he’ll just need PSG to complete the “challenge” collection


Keep dreaming mate. Never gonna happen.


Pep’s career since Barcelona


Maybe he is jumping ship and knows a CL ban could be on the cards.


This is a really good article


All good and relevant points. Now give us your opinion on your employers Raheem. Just to get this clear id like the same question put to any other member or the city set up when interviewed.

No disrespect but its the double standards thing that rankles there for me.


He obviously has infinitely more influence and choice than the average person but decent folk all over are working for ethically questionable corporate giants. In the last few years I’ve worked at incredibly controversial companies such as Sky and BP. Bollocks if I can’t speak of topics like racism and media stereotypes because of the CEO. Ultimately the employees are far removed from the shady boardroom stuff even an elite footballer. There’s no double standard.


Still nothing wrong in the question being asked imo. Given he has articulated thought out answers on them subjects just be interested.


Did you consider another 10 options of places to work that would’ve still made you a multi-millionaire before the age of 25 while allowing you to do what you love most in life but chose to work for BP anyway? Just pointing out that there are more dimensions to the argument :slight_smile: Many people who work for companies with questionable ethics do it to put food on the table which is another side to it, but if you had all kinds of options like he had, I think it is valid to question the double standards, not by any direct comparison like racism specifically or so, just the general moral thing.


I do of course acknowledge that mate that’s what my first sentence was for.

Despite his fame and status, it’s not like he’s conducting anything at operational level over there.

I don’t understand the contradiction in calling out racism while playing football for Man City.


I was making a comparison with racism and human right violations. Maybe im stretching that to far on the double standards thing but think there is a relevance to it.
Thats not me arguing with your point but explaining mine more so.


What does Laporte need to do to get into the France NT?

Zouma has been called ahead of him, he’s their best CB. Even if he won the treble he still wouldn’t get a call up.

Should play for Spain.




Wait Koscielny is left footed? :flushed:


yeah I thought he was right footed too


Yeah he is definitely right footed. Maybe they mean he likes playing on the left of a CB pairing.


Luck of the draw and all that…


Maybe if they do win it Pep will go away, silver lining.