Manchester City thread


yeah will probably be a massive fine…i wonder where all of those millions in fines will go :giroud:


@Stroller you might like this


Ben them FFS! Oil cunts!


You want to me them ?


The authorities don’t care. They don’t care about FFP. They don’t care about tapping up. They don’t care about dodgy payments to agents and they don’t care about drug cheats.

It’s telling that the main reporting out of football leaks has been about player contracts. The majority of the journalists don’t care either.

And, actually, neither do most of the fans.


Very sad but very true. This is the main thing ive gone on about when ive mentioned of losing interest in the game and potentially giving up tbh.
Comes down to your tolerance level I guess. Im still in for now but not sure how much I can keep on ignoring this shit.


Most modern football fans care little for the behind the scenes details and just want to win at all costs, whatever they may be.


Which is fine and understandable. Question is how do you compete and do that if clubs like City do this. Getting rid of a Mustafi or Xhaka may improve us a notch or 2 but the glaring reality is most clubs are going to be blown out the water long term.
Liverpool have improved and may land a title but if this goes unchecked City here, will just dominate and your forever playing the top 4 card as relative success. When the actual fact is its pretty much a wooden spoon.


This corruption will lead to excess, which will ultimately kill the sport.


Not saying for one minute I agree with it but we live in a world where 99% of the population have to have everything now, the latest phone, newest TV, Canada Goose Jacket, the latest or newest model car on lease and this now extends to football. People want instant success and it’s not only killing the game at the higher end but the pressure to win is also keeping young players from getting regular first team break throughs.


that makes me sad…why do you wanna make me sad Sham :papa:


UEFA going to investigate them then. Hope its for real but probably a garnish job. Maybe the English press could maybe report it for once.


Would be great if them and Chelsea are punished but What’s the betting all three find nothing wrong?


If they find nothing you just know there have been some really big cheques being written to some high ranking officials.


So would we qualify to the Champions League, even if we finished 5h?


Fuck that I want last years League cup back for a start.:grinning:


wonder if this is all BS or if there is any truth to this. I highly doubt he would leave Manshitty especially now…but i wonder who they would get in if they did lose Pep. The certainly wouldnt be the same


lol @ verbal agreement.

Sports Journalism at its finest.


thing is though as good as pep is, he never really sticks around anywhere…in general i would think it is all BS but i think Pep never stays anywhere and there has been a few rumblings of him seeking to move on, but the question is when.


The Express broke it yesterday so it must be a bullshit, imo.