Manchester City thread


Manchester City has Europe covered. :mkhi:


Haha right, one per continent.

Club Atlético Torque City :giroud2:


The weird thing is that they can’t extend this sponsorship to their New York club because MLS requires all clubs to have the same equipment provider (it’s been Adidas for years).

I’m sure the contract will have some sort of liquidated damages provision which says that if City breaches the contract then they owe Puma a certain amount of money. They’ll always leave themselves an out.


Fuck me I genuinely had no idea it stretched to these lengths.

What an actual bunch of cunts.


Maybe they are getting a heap of money upfront which may help them get around FFP for the short future?


if this happens does it mean that 5th place could see you in the CL?


Man City getting round FFP rules?
Surely not?
I always thought they were an honest club that spent what they earned and bought within their means, just like Chelsea.


Biggest cunt club in the history of english football make no mistake. Only needs Don Reveie in charge and it would be complete.
Personally think if they where banned we should strip them of titles here. The report clearly states if proven of lies to the English FA and should be sanctions.
@Electrifying good to see it at least making the the press here. Hope springs eternal_ish.


No ban will happen unfortunately. All just hot air and rumours


why not? bigger clubs than city have received CL bans.


what team has ever been banned from CL


English football is so good that they can afford to ban them.

People will say they want big clubs in the CL for revenue and TV figures so they won’t ban any of them, which if you’re corrupt makes sense if you’re banning Bayern to let in Frankfurt, but if it went through this is a chance to send out a big message about financial doping, and you’d be sacrificing City for most likely United or Arsenal which would not harm TV figures at all.


AC MIlan for one i think Rubin Khazan was also and i am sure there have been others.


I can see the UK government stopping any ban tbh, to keep the UAE on side for after brexit etc.


when were Milan banned from CL


Marseille 1994


Didn’t know about Marseille. Also apparently Rubin Kazan have been banned for a year or two.


Weren’t Juve relegated because of their cheating? That’s a CL ban in itself lol.


Its a good point this. Ive often wondered if they are significant enough if a bit of momentum went against them, would they ride it out.


Uefa are feckless. A federation may ban them (like Serie A) but not Uefa