Manchester City thread


Disagree. I think it would be very surprising. There’s a reason why it has never happened before.


Yeah but which club has spent that much money in search of success? Like I said, 1b spent building this team and they hired the best manager in the world.


Domestic treble for sure, then who knows. The Champions League hasn’t a clear favourite.


Fernandinho is a huge loss, the backbone of their team, they won’t want him out long.


Regardless of spend his Barca team was probably better than this one, so a quadruple would still be unbelievable.


I know he’s at a stop start season with injury, mixed with a few substitute appearances and being subbed, but I find it amazing KDB only has 1 goal and zero assists in 13 league appearances.


You can feel this in City’s style of play. They don’t look as fluid as they were last season.


Think thats simply down to having a title challenge this time.


10 year deal. Gutted City.

Imagine ditching Nike for Puma :laughing:


It’s a good deal at first glance since it’s £65m a season which is £5m more than Adidas are paying us but they’re tied down for an entire decade so I think it’s going to look like poor business in a few years.


Wonder if there are any renogotiation clauses in there after a certain amount of years. I’d have thought so, given City are pretty savvy (ie sly cunts) when it comes to their sponsorship deals. If not, you’d have to question how wise it is having such a long term deal.


Always an element of shadiness


I’m sure any multi million pound deal Man City do is above board and it won’t stop them buying all the best players while not having to worry about FFP.

I’ve heard that the local paper shop is sponsoring them for half a billion next season and I’m sure there’s nothing dodgy going on.


Yeah I figure this may be the case because otherwise it’s a poor deal tbh with you.


What the fuck does this even mean.

I know they have Manchester NYC FC but who the fuck are all these sisters clubs in other countries?


Girona in Spain.


Fronts for laundering money through. Like this deal gives them something legit to hide behind. Some 14 year old kid somewhere in for a good day.


Manchester Melbourne City in Australia.
Girona FC.
Sichuan Jiuniu F.C.
Club Atlético Torque.

Dude, seriously, they’re creating an empire…


Girona City :kroenke:
Yokohama F. Marinos City :kroenke:
Sichuan Jiuniu City :giroud2:


This conglomeration should be banned!