Manchester City thread


Nah United would still be ahead 20-19.


I can’t stand Liverpool supporters and I can’t say I like their squad much but City’s owners and business model is very unpleasant. It’s definitely a case of the lesser of two evils.


Surely though the city set up is the true evil for the game.


Totally! Its just Liverpool supporters make it a tough decision :persevere:


Man City have already won the league in recent years, so them winning it again wouldn’t really make a jot of difference to me. The damage has already been done in the moral sense. Plus, I wouldn’t be hearing about it for decades as I don’t know any City fans – I think all 3 of them live in Manchester :smile:


Tbf I have this outlook with Leeds fucking United. Just dont think the game survives this sort of corruption.


I get that to a fan degree. However going forward we could be out of our depth due to lack of funds to compete with this.
Their a CL away from being established on an elite level and a hell of a lot of this has been done by default. When corruption sets in like this it becomes near impossible to dislodge this. In short it wont be possible to do it on a football field.


I get that completely. But how much can we hate City when we have emirates as a shirt/stadium sponsor? It’s hard for any fan of a top team to maintain a coherent position against the vast, and often immoral, investment in the game.


Again thats fair but nowhere near the levels that have been exposed on City. Im not calling this out on you by the way, more the sad state of the game in general.
Fans going to be fans that should never change.


Yeah thats true. Ive got to be honest as a fan I always want Arsenal to spend spend spend, despite the ridiculous transfer fees and methods of finance. Most fans hate City and PSG, myself included, but I wouldn’t’t complain much if I was a fan. It’s a paradox that shows how hypocritical I am but we all tune into sky at the weekend so I’m afraid it won’t change :confused:


Post on Bluemoon for a week and this opinion will be reversed


:gabriel: :gabriel: :gabriel:


Just look at who the 2 clubs have in the media. It’s full of Scousers, while i have never seen a City supporter out there.


Because City are are small club haha. Don’t have any former legends to be pundits like Liverpool and United


So i don’t give a shit about them. Fuck Lolerpool.


Says the man who had an anti city avatar not so long ago.


You litterly just asked why there isn’t no City people in the media :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I know this is why they always go to Noel Gallagher.:joy::joy::joy:


Did he? I’m not sure I got that from his post to be honest with you


Mike Sumerbee was dragged out by sky during their first title win haha but not seen since :joy: