Manchester City thread


Spurs have 48 points since 20 August (assuming they win tonight)


Don’t know where to start with this one really, it’s chock full of the media-enhanced myth about how wonderful Liverpool fans are. Firstly, I’ve been to Liverpool and Man City away a bunch of times and the atmosphere is almost always good at both, because it’s always a big game. By the way, Liverpool are so amazing and pure, that they wouldn’t dare try and emulate Man City’s plastic-ness (plasticity? :smile:) would they? Like recreate a “fan park” before each home game with pre-game DJ’s and “fan participation”? Nope, definitely never seen that happen at Anfield :eyes:

Man City averaged 28.000 during their one season stint in League One which is several thousand more than massive clubs Leeds United and Sheffield Wednesday did, and more to the point strong indication of them having a good core support when the plastics aren’t around.

The idea of Man City “not having a local base” is just another myth that you can’t back up

Man City has an average attendance last season of north of 54,000 in a ground that has a league game standard capacity of 55,097. I don’t think that’s “half full” really is it. Guardiola said they’re shite? Really, is that your last line of defence? :roll_eyes:

You’ll have to try harder than that. Man City fans are as normal as any other. You’re buying into the narrative big time


I take it you’ve never been to the conspiracy site named bluemoon? Apparently UEFA, the Media and the FA all conspire against them. And the funnest one ‘we don’t care about winning the CL because UEFA discriminate against plucky little City’.


How the f did I miss the subtle brilliance of this post the first time.


You make a good case but pictures can tell 1000 words

No protest going on here


For UEFA to try and fine Man City because their fans booed the CL anthem just goes to show that there isn’t smoke without fire.

As for the FA and the media, we were all saying similar things when we were going head to head with Manchester United. The media coverage Ferguson would get appeared to be a lot different to Wenger and Arsenal


I’d also add that it’s been 0 years since City’s last title and 29 years since Liverpool’s: maybe it’s natural for the anticipation to be greater on Merseyside, whereas Man City are coming off the back of a domestic double and they’re already ‘conditioned’ to winning, I.e sometimes it’s difficult to get excited when the Burnleys are turning up every two weeks and you know the games won before a ball is kicked


Robin_L chief Manchester City defendant over here :wink:


It’s ok, you never know, Liverpool may still slip tonight!


Nothing wrong with having a sugar daddy :eyes:


Nah come on the amount of time that stadium is half full is a joke. Wolves last week was the latest farce and CL thing is just pathetic all round.
They pushed that all mancs support city line for years and now look stupid. Best manager in the world and record points last season, the place should be jammed every home game. Not expensive ground either.
Everton, West Ham and Newcastle do better and get shite on the field in comparison.


I think man city fans think practically. Like a lot of regular football fans, if.a game’s on telly, why pay to go and watch it?

And nowadays, Man City are on telly on the time anyway.

I think we can take a leaf out of their book. They expertly boycotted a game at Bolton a few years back due to the high costs. I have no doubt that protests like that have gone a long way to capping an away ticket at £30 anywhere in the PL.

Overall, it just sits uncomfortably for me to hear bad things said about the Man City fans. As a club, and the way they’re run, yes, it’s horrible but their fans aren’t deplorable in the slightest.


That’s a ridiculous way to think. If I was local to the Emirates I’d be at near enough every home game


It’s not so ridiculous. Not when you have a spouse, kids, a mortgage and a job that pays less than 30k per year.


Every other club seems to sell all their tickets apart from City tho? :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


I’m not sure how that can be proved for every single PL team in every game. I’m sure there are stats somewhere…

@ljungbergkamp ??? (He’s normally good with stats lol)


I find their fans’ sense of entitlement and general arrogance to be extremely dislikeable. That is my perception if you ever have the disfortune of reading their opinions online.

They’re only relevant because they won the lottery. It pisses me off because we built a stadium to try and launch ourselves into the elite, and have tried to organically grow into a “superclub” over many years. These cunts came out of nowhere and have cheat-coded their way above us yet act all superior. Fair play you have the older fans who are enjoying the ride but you’ve got millions of glory hunting pricks following them now.


Put yourself in the shoes of a Man City fan who started following them in the late 90s (we don’t even need to go any further back).

The same season their conceited neighbours won the champions league, Man City were playing in the play off final in division 2 against Gillingham. Gillingham were 2-0 up until the 90th minute. Man City ended up winning on penalties in a game that has gone down in folklore. The fact that they still talk about this game to this day almost shows how grounded their fans are.

They deserve their moment in the sun. If they want to laud it up over Man United and Liverpool, let them. They’ve taken a lot of shit in the past.


Nah because I don’t give a fuck about that. Fuck them. The cunts.


The thing I think must be the most confusing is not that they were just a small club that got a moolah injection and now there is a question mark around their supposed soul.

It’s also that they were the little brother of a Manchester team that for a good while was one of the top 3 biggest clubs in the world, on the pitch, in the results and as a brand, and their identity must’ve to some degree at least been been defined by Man Utd and their lime light and spending etc.

That must be conflicting for some old City fans, the ones who felt that they were the anti-thesis to Man Utd to then just watch their club become a symbol for oil ball.