Manchester City thread


City’s only hope is to allow Arteta take over for the remainder of the season.


That tweet should have just stopped after the first three names listed


With that much money spent the guy is only gonna win the league once in 3 years :joy::joy::joy:. Check book manager if I ever saw one. Guranteed if Wenger was allowed to spend what this guy has, he’d have his team playing the most sexy football you’ve ever laid eyes upon and winning everything.


Just need to trample over for a few more human rights lads to get back on track.


You mate is pulling your leg. City had 65 points after as many games played last year, which is 2 more than what Liverpool will have if they win tonight vs Leicester.


Yeah I figured haha. In hindsight I was an idiot to put it out there


You are being harsh on yourself. This place has seen it’s fare share of idiots, you ain’t one of them :slight_smile:


Like the ones who spend 800 on Fifa right? :grin:@Castiel


Thats a small price to pay, for an Arsenal team who could win trophies on a regular basis and be active in the transfer market.


This just shows, they can have Guardiola, a billion pound squad and even 11 Messi’s playing for them but they’ll never defend the PL because deep down they know they’re playing for a plastic club with no real fans and they don’t really want to play for the shirt

And in a way Liverpool are the polar opposite of that, proper history with a passionate fanbase. City can’t hope to have the fan passion Liverpool fans have and the players either get spurned on or don’t give that much of a toss.


^^ what a lazy narrative

Man Citt will have a sizeable and passionate core support relative to its size, just like any other club.

Go to Anfield on a 3pm kick off vs Bournemouth or Fulham where they’re expected to win by a hatful and then get back to me about that Liverpool “fan passion”


Like their stadium that is always empty?


Half the primary schools in Scotland it seems like are taking school trips to go watch city game as tickets are so cheap.

Man City can’t give some of their seats away :arteta:

What a shambles.

Imagine having whole rows of the Emirates empty so you have to beg schools to come down and fill the seats.

Most aren’t even City fans :poldi:

I’d go to the game this weekend if I hadn’t got prior commitments.


History doesn’t buy you trophies, money does. Anyone that say otherwise is delusional. Liverpool aren’t top of the league because of their fans and history, they’re too because they’ve bought wisely and in some cases (Van Dijk sp? And allusion) expensively.


Relative to their historic size, which is one of a smalltime club that now has a half full stadium. And because they share territory with Liverpool and United, they don’t have much of a local base. Where as Leeds, Newcastle, Villa have huge local fan bases. It shows the moronic nature of the Sheihks that they bought such a shitty little club when they could have had one of those.

Their fans also create a shite atmosphere, even Guardiola said they’re shite and don’t make any noise. Compare the atmosphere at Anfield to Etihead when we go to each. And who do you think will make more noise on the road? Scousers or City fans?


Lol some of the best fans in the country are Man City fans.

No wonder everyone hates Arsenal if we’re going to take such a cocky stance


21 likes in 14 hours fucking hell :joy:


IKR, should be at least 30.


He may get it done, as sham says, give it Miksi till the end of the season.


Wow :arteta: