Manchester City thread


Haha there’s been a rape up there :arteta:

Excellent reference, weirdly it reminds me of this classic Alan Pardew punditry:


After increasing my sky bet balance to fifty quid on Spurs yesterday I was going to stick it all on something like City -3 or - 4 but I lost my bottle and started worrying if City just won 3-0 or something. FFS


Back when we used to dick the little teams in the Champions Leauge I used to do staggered handicap bets on Arsenal, I’d take 20 quid and put a tenner on -1, fiver -2, 2.50 on -3/-4.

I started to realize we’d become shit when we slowly stopped managing to beat the lesser teams by a significant margin, I realized we’d become super shit when we slowly stopped playing in the CL.


Finally you lost a bet :bellend:


I realized we where shit when a united fan in work was placing these bets on Barca and Bayern when playing us.
Not joking on this sadly. He always done it on Celtic and then threw us in. Made sense too.