Manchester City thread


These hairstyles make me laugh, they do this shit for fashion but the fucking second preening twats like this get a real grey/white hair ‘fucking hell I am not having this I gotta get myself some dye’


The only reason I wanna see this thread bumped with like 50 new replies is if City get punished for cheating FFP.


He has the highest chances created since joining the league. It’s not his fault our inept strike force has let him down.

At Madrid he had far better finishers in front of him.


Suggestion below. I’ll @ you if it happens.


It’s not just finishing but other aspects of the game that would elevate Ozil’s performance like quality of runs made by fellow players, space created by players for Ozil to capitalize, better passes to find Ozil’s clever movement etc etc; all of which would have enhanced Ozil’s performance.
Which is what I meant by Ozil not being able to show his complete potential. He or his game rather heavily relies to others.

Remember how Ozil and Sanchez had a telephatic chemistry between each other. Imagine Ozil having that sort of chemistry with several players and imagine the football Ozil would have produced.