Manchester City thread


These hairstyles make me laugh, they do this shit for fashion but the fucking second preening twats like this get a real grey/white hair ‘fucking hell I am not having this I gotta get myself some dye’


The only reason I wanna see this thread bumped with like 50 new replies is if City get punished for cheating FFP.


He has the highest chances created since joining the league. It’s not his fault our inept strike force has let him down.

At Madrid he had far better finishers in front of him.


Suggestion below. I’ll @ you if it happens.


It’s not just finishing but other aspects of the game that would elevate Ozil’s performance like quality of runs made by fellow players, space created by players for Ozil to capitalize, better passes to find Ozil’s clever movement etc etc; all of which would have enhanced Ozil’s performance.
Which is what I meant by Ozil not being able to show his complete potential. He or his game rather heavily relies to others.

Remember how Ozil and Sanchez had a telephatic chemistry between each other. Imagine Ozil having that sort of chemistry with several players and imagine the football Ozil would have produced.



Another way of laundering some more dodgy money no doubt. Del boys in persian slippers.


How much land do you have in that tiny island of yours?
The count of stadium in that small peck of earth is incredible.


Fuck this cunt club


No one is gonna win the PL again other than City :joy::joy::joy:


Well, you know, according to this article from 2012, 98% of England is natural and hasn’t been built on.


you know what this means also right? They will all of a sudden get extra sponsors from out of nowhere sponsoring their 2nd venue namely etihad etc other sponsors for their training kits naming rights the whole 9 yards and it will all be deemed as genuine so even more fucking money for them to play with. They are out of control this should be stopped.




Color me surprised.


I was too, tbh. I only know because someone in the audience mentioned it one time on Question Time. :smile:


What concerns me most is how this affects their youth scouting/recruitment efforts, will they be allowed to recruit youth players withij a certain distance from the training ground therefore allowing then a stronghold on London youth.

This should not be allowed to happen.


Does that still apply though. Thought you could recruit from anywhere now. I thought the lower league clubs had complained about this a few seasons back.


Stinks to high heaven doesn’t it?

No way should something like this get the green light.


What the fuck are the football authorities for if not to legislate against this kind of bullshit?

Man City and what they represent aren’t so much an assault on football, but truly an assault in society in general.


They are probably on the take tho as well. I’m sure they are getting paid handsomely to give this the green light.