Manchester City thread


Sterling would walk into any of the other top 6’s starting 11


It’s hard to say he’s not world class, there’s perhaps less than five wide players posting up his kind of numbers in world football.

Even though he doesn’t do it at international level at club level he’s right up there with the best in his position and tbh it’s harder to do it at club level.


Not for Liverpool, ironically


At this point he could get in over Mane.

He’s far more consistent and I’d say he’s the better player.


He’d get in Liverpool’s starting 11


Yes he would


I get what @DavidHillier is trying to say

Much like how Ozil despite being world class is unable to show his full potential with us, Sterling would also come across inadequate because unlike City, we wouldn’t have a complete array of players to get the best out of such players.

Players like Sanchez, Cesc, Persie at their prime would provide 100% of their ability regardless of the players around them; and unfortunately we have to target such players since we perhaps may not have as complete a team as City’s right now.

Not to say we can’t form a cohesive functional one which can get the best of players like Ozil & Sterling, but it would be difficult to create, manage & maintain.


Ozil has like 10+ assists every season. How is he unable to show his full potential with us?


He can do lot more


What are your exact expectations of him?


He’s been poor in his last 2 PL games. Two games that we’ve drawn, incidentally.

I like Ozil, too, but I’m with @Trion on this- he’s inconsistent


I agree that he has been suffering in the bit more rigid structure Emery has been applying. The fact that he has been put on the wing hasn’t been beneficial too. But I disagree with the notion that he hasn’t shown what he is fully capable of the past five seasons that he has been here.


Ozil flourishes with the team. He is as good as the players around him as he is a facilitator.
It is not an expectation of him, rather the awareness that the past, current & pessimistically future players around him were/are/will not (be) capable enough to get the best out of him.

How many times have we heard that Ozil went into hiding during a game?
How many times have other players fucked up chances created by Ozil?

It would be either via incompetency of players surrounding him or his own laid-back style of play that would hinder him from performing as well for Arsenal as he can potentially.

For instance, Ozil with Real Madrid
In 3 seasons, He racked up 23, 20, 17 in La Liga & CL.
Whereas with Arsenal, his stats are not that high. Only once did he cross 15 assists in PL & CL.
His game relies on having quality players around him. Every player needs that but Ozil more so.


You are doing a disservice to Ozil by stating that.


But that his teammates have a lower ceiling of performing it doesn’t mean that Ozil himself has not performed or performed to his standard?


But then isn’t Ozil his own worst enemy? While we know he can do it at home against Leicester (if I’m being churlish, we always beat Leicester at home), why can’t he do it in a physical match away to Palace or at home against Liverpool?

We’ve seen him when he does perform. But he just doesn’t do it all the time. If I’m being harsh, that’s unacceptable for a player who is lauded so much


That’s a fair point.
But we are looking at it with the context of ‘Sterling not the type of player that would have made a difference’.

Ozil even if he did his best was not the type of player who could drag the team to a victory. He is a shiny cog to a machine rather than the engine himself.

That’s why the comparison to Sanchez, Persie or such. They could literally drag the team on consistent basis towards victory.


He’s scored and or assisted at both grounds. He’s not gonna do it every game !!


Love this analogy, haha. It’s perfect