Manchester City thread


The only thing worse than British political journalists…

…are British sports journalists. Horrible useless cunts, with this superiority complex and pack mentality.

I love them now getting the abuse they deserve when they write this shite, as now the public can speak back to them, they are forced to interact with the ‘plebs’ they used to be able to ignore.

Take that fat cunt custis and the like.


It’s almost as if City are dictating the narrative and with their money that would be quite easy


Why would they want to do that against one of their own players?


It’s not even in the title to bait clicks.


He hasn’t signed the contract yet and they seem to play more hardball bully boy tactics these days. IE the take it or leave it offer they gave us for Alexis on deadline day


It’s plausible on that basis but still pretty unlikely I reckon as I don’t see how them making out they don’t need him helps their position.


I suppose the logic would be that if they demonstrate that they can cope without him it backs them up in saying they won’t pay him above what they think he is worth to them, it makes Sterling look like he needs them more than they need him.

If they showed themselves unable to cope without him it would strengthen his bargaining position, because it would suggest that they need him more than he necessarily needs them.


I probably should have said I don’t agree that it would help them. I get the thought process. :slight_smile:


How far away id KDB supposedly away from returning ?


Played yesterday as a second half sub.


Thanks, was away and didn’t take any note of yesterday’s matches other than checking the results after the Chelsea vs United match.



Thank God the projected swap deal with him and Alexis Sanchez didn’t come off a couple of years back.

This guy would have taken us to the cleaners. He’s not really the type of player who’d turn our fortunes around either. Makes me wonder if he is actually worth 300k per week


He’s worth whatever a team is prepared to pay him.


Are you serious?

He’s one of the best players in the league!!


I think he is worth a pay rise in today’s market. He’s the best English player in the league and still really young, good business by City IMO.

One great player on £300,000 a week is better than two average players on lower wages. Who’d you rather have, Mkhi and Welbeck or Sterling? It’s a no brainier.


Think it was the smart thing to do for him. His development under Pep has been rapid and will grow further under him.


No matter how world class Sterling gets, I can’t take those hand movements, posture & handbag run seriously.
I can’t .

But yes he is currently the best English player.


Not sure if your post is serious or sarcasm, bloke has been involved in 44 goals / assists in the last 50 league games so I’m going to take it as sarcasm.


The point I’m trying to make about Sterling is he wouldn’t have changed us. I don’t believe he is world class but then again, I have very high standards of world class (a world class player should be able to get into any team in any league anywhere- Sterling isn’t that player)

Where Sanchez was changing games for us (a little like RvC was in the late season of 2011), Sterling wouldn’t be able to, in my opinion.

And this isn’t a personal attack on Sterling (even though he did blank me in Ibiza, the weedy little c’nt). I think he is wrongly castigated and hounded by the media. He is an excellent player, of that there is no dispute. God forbid it had been him and not Harry Kane who had missed that sitter against Croatia in the world cup semi-final.

Maybe it’s just the money aspect of it I find a little unedifying but I can’t blame Sterling for that. Whether it’s Sterling or Ozil, the money these fellas get is obscene. That’s perhaps a topic for another day