Manchester City thread


I’ve always thought that any sponsor should have a clause in the contract which says the club has to spend the money they are investing in us on new players.


Out of my ff team you go Kevin.


Sky sources (lol) say it’s between 2-4 months :eyes:

Massive blow for City


Time for Bernardo to step up, then. They will be fine.


That’s some real positive news for Liverpool, they are the only team that stands to benefit from this. If it’s only 2 months though it won’t be a problem if you look at City’s league fixtures in the next 2 months.


Yeah I think they will be fine as well


Obviously De Bruyne is a huge miss, but if I’m not mistaken David Silva wasn’t even with the City squad against us. They will be more than fine. It would help if Gundogan remains fit in the mean time though :sweat_smile:.


What about that Foden guy, heard he’s a great midfield prospect


Bernado Silva was always going to play more this season, he’s on fire lately too.

Almost a perfect stand in for KDB and Foden will get some minutes too, City will manage.

Their squad depth is just stupid.


He looks phenomenal. I heard Guardiola rave about him a few months ago, something lile if he doesn’t succeed as a footballer then he considers himself a failure as a manager.

A future England lineup with Foden, Sancho and Sessegnon is an exciting thought.


Yeah City will be fine, their second eleven is above Liverpool too imo.

And yeah as you said, maybe Pep will finally play Foden, no excuses to not give him minutes now really


To be fair playing Foden was always on the cards, no matter the talent it’s difficult to get minutes in such a team.


Tbf pep is a guy that left a sub bench blank than give a youth player the chance to be brought on. Even if it was a token thing.

Like he started a match too early on FM like I sometimes do lol


Of course they will manage, they have hogged up half the world.


Ignore the click baity title.

This sounds class haha. Might get a free trial of prime to watch this


Be far better having an insight documentary on their fucking brutal owners. Just a bit of PR garnish this.


Not so much a documentary but more of an advert for Man City.

They are one of the best and most entertaining clubs in Europe, but they do still have trouble filling their stadium, so I suppose this is the sort of thing they have to resort to.


And a PR campaign for their yokel new money backers, so the British public can join their government in supporting their ideals.


Doesn’t the region of North West England have a less amount of people as London, but with an almost similar amount of Football League/Premier League clubs? It’s always going to be hard too get in between that. Especially is one of those clubs is United.

It’s about being a global brand. I reckon this kind of shite helps with that.


I think I’d want to watch the documentary first before the Independent call it amazon…