Manchester City thread


Sad but true


Come on now. He didn’t even do that in La Liga :wink:.


Haha PL title hasn’t been retained since 2006-2009.

City will do very well to retain it.


Premier league title also hasn’t been won by 19 points ever, this City team under Pep is another level.


Yeah, decline for them would be like 87 points which is still very titleworthy.

But every year people think they know what’s going to happen and they’re normally wrong. Like many thought Chelsea were nailed on second this year in August.


I mean he is probably 100% heading to Japan but still.


Would absolutely love that, although I still believe he’ll end up playing somewhere out of Europe.


I’d take Iniesta in a player manager role.


Won the league with a hundred points and feel smug. Iniesta walks through the door and you realise your nothing.


They seem to be close on Jorginho and Zaha. They are 2 players they really don’t need. It’s difficult to improve such a good team.


I think they will buy a CB, and if Aguero leaves, a striker but it’s hard to see how they won’t do the same next season, unless they become complacent.


People have been saying this for like 5 years, and then he consistently goes and proves he’s still one of the world’s top forwards :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s true, he has been the best striker in the PL for the last few seasons, but he has a few injury problems and Guardiola might be looking to get someone new in.
Saying that, they seem to score loads of goals if he plays or not, so he might just spend on his defence.


Laporte, Stones, Otamendi and Kompany. That’s enough, albeit some of them are crap/injury-prone.



Maybe pep got fed up with his cake requests?


What a melt.


It’s a bit hard to destroy a myth of a manager who has just got a hundred points and over a hundred goals in only his second season in the PL.

As for Toure saying: “It feels like he was jealous of me, he saw me as a rival… as if I was taking the limelight away from him’”
I think it might be the other way round.


Wouldn’t listen to a person that cries about not being wished happy birthday tbh.


I mean, Pep loved Keita and Abidal, along with Sane this past season, I think it’s a Pep and Yaya thing.