Manchester City thread


Over that initial half season his stats bettered almost any other DM around, so I was with you on that one. But he didn’t really stand the test of time did he?


He showed me a Blue Moon thread.


You posted the eras & your speculative perception of how Arsenal fans took those eras.

I am saying that only reason Arsenal fans could behave in the manner they did was because they have no fucking power.
it was lack of power rather some mature understanding from Arsenal fans.

In return, when I asked if fans were given the power, what would have happened? I am quite sure the trends you displayed would have been destroyed.


I should pay attention :slight_smile:


@shamrockgooner @JakeyBoy @Midfield_Maestro @SRCJJ isn’t there a rule for excessive trolling?


To be fair, if it wasn’t for the excessive trolling, there wouldn’t be much to talk about :wink:


That’s the oldest thread about Fernandinho on Bluemoon, when Pep had barely managed a game, it’s fair to say their opinion on Fernandinho then isn’t based on Pep’s influence. Neither is ‘player of the season’ before Pep took control. But as you were with the disingenous replies.


Seems weird that they wouldn’t have a thread from like the 3 years before he was on the team, no? But whatever, as I don’t like disingenuous replies either—hence why I didn’t like a few of yours in this discussion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:—I’ll say that I did a search of this thread and no one was saying Fernandinho was crap, but it’s true also that no one was talking about him like he was the best DM in the league or anything close, he wasn’t really even in the discussion. How much that means I don’t know because fans don’t rate players correctly all the time—just look at you and most of England with Joe Hart for example :grimacing:—but it’s certainly fair to say he has benefited from Pep’s management like basically every other City player.


The summer Pep took over, Joe Hart had one of the worst performances ever seen by a goalkeeper at a major tournament. Honestly, that goal he conceded v Iceland, I reckon I could have saved it in my sleep. I fully hold him responsible for our exit.

I can imagine Pep watching Euro 2016 and thinking, “Fuck that!”


Hart was bad before that too. Pretty sure it would’ve been obvious to him and the football people at the club he wasn’t good enough. The English media questioning that decision was hilarious.


Hart was pretty good just post he took after Shay Given. For 2 seasons then He was good.


Well-done cunts.


I wrote this yesterday.
Things seemed to have changed a bit :grinning:


I am disappointed that there is a new post almost every time I refresh the site instead of every time.


Guardiola has extended his contract.


Hear they only intend on making two signings this summer.


I can see City having another 100 point season and I can’t see anybody getting anywhere close to that so yeah…


Man City must have thought we were really after Guardiola and tied him down for the next few seasons and all the Arteta nonsense was just a smokescreen.


Well, what do they need more?


That’s the Premier League Title confirmed for the next 3 seasons then.