Manchester City thread


By the rights adjacent to football being entertainment for the fans? As any form of entertainment, it’s sole purpose is to please the audience, can your confused little brain comprehend that idea?


Lol Trion is actually kinda right, to an extent anyways. Sports are different from any other mode of entertainment because you’ve got a built in fan base that for the most part is going to support the local team regardless of how they perform.

It’s an issue we’ve got in the states probably even moreso than over there. Arsenal can only be so bad or they would be in danger of actually losing their meal ticket through relegation. In our leagues a team openly tanks an entire season to get a good draft pick. Look at the Philadelphia 76ers and how many seasons of absolute shit basketball their fans had to endure, until now when they actually are good again. The fans still showed up and guess what now that they are good again all is forgiven.


Strawman ≠ Picking you up on your bullshit

You actually said everyone thought Fernandinho was crap and is now one of the best no6s in Europe, now you seemingly agree he hasn’t changed much as a player.

Saying Fernandinho wasn’t rated and wasn’t one of the best DMs in the league is simply bullshit. He was there player of the season before Pep took over FFS. How about looking at what actual City fans were saying 2 years ago, they considered him one of their best players:


So what?
Doesn’t mean effing fuck is given about what fans demand from it.

If fans want something bad, they need to shelve out the requisite amount.
Want to watch first day first show, bring more money
want to watch sequel of a popular franchise, bring more money
want to watch a premiere, bring more money
want to watch Leonardo, bring more money

Every entertainment business charges fans accordingly to gather money.

Arsenal have a limited fan base & to supplement their demands, they need to charge the fans a premium.


@Trion this argument is getting painful now. When fans already shell out the most in Europe, it’s assinine to say they don’t pay enough. By all means make the argument that the majority of funds don’t come from match day fans so ticket prices alone can’t reflect the quality of football.

Also football has become commercialised enough as it is, from the ‘people’s game’ where anyone can afford to go to the play thing of executives hospitality. No wonder The Emirates is called The Library and you want to make the crowd shittier than it already is.


You choose
quite stadium but more revenue which would mean better chance of success
loud stadium but low revenue which would mean continual bitch status to clubs like City


I have literally no idea what this means


Let me break it down for you.
If fans were given the power to make decisions in the club, would Arsene have stayed after Birmingham defeat in League cup?


Well that’s a different point to the one I was making, and the one I responded to from your post.

Plus it’s incredibly difficult to answer because it depends on which Arsenal fans you speak to.


If that’s what I actually said why don’t you quote me, lol, because that’s not what I actually said. None of that is.

Dunno why I bother, you did say Joe Hart was one of the better GKs in the league after all and it’s not the first ridiculous opinion you’ve espoused around here.


Umm yea it was and ok


probably not and in hindsight would have been the right decision


so not very ‘understanding’, are we?


Ah, I see you’ve consulted the global spokesperson for Arsenal fans. I guess it is easy to answer after all

You’ve done nothing to refute my post but respond with a misplaced sense of smugness. Go figure.


Wow, I appreciate the title :cristo:

And yeah, I kinda wish I didn’t rise to that bait from Trion and engage in this deluge of shitposting


Thanks for quoting me (genuinely) and right, that’s quite distinct from what you had me saying haha. Also funny how you showed me a thread from 16-17 when Guardiola was in charge…


I’m not saying he’d have evidence to the contrary if there was but in fairness there isn’t any on here from before then. :slight_smile:


This is gonna make me look like the fan boy I am, but I remember arguing that Coq was just as good as Kante, Matic, and Fernandinho, and remember comparing all of their stats as proof of that. I think it’s safe to say that depending on who’s team had just won the PL, that’s the guy that was being touted as the best DM in the PL at the time.


Coq was never close to any of them. He just didn’t have their overall quality.


That one season where he was playing like a man possessed he was quality af. True he was protected by Santi and as soon as he was paired up with someone else his weaknesses showed a lot more. Wenger was utilizing him in a high press that year, and that’s where he was most effective. I still think Poch or Klopp could make him look like a worldie in their system. Tbh he was pretty good with Valencia before his injury too, according to match reviews I didn’t watch lulz.