Manchester City thread


Did I stutter motherfucker?




Commercial revenue still has a limit and will take time to build.
The Easiest and quickest way to compete is to milk the Matchday revenue.

It is obvious thing to do but fans are being self centered as usual.


Incapability to do anything Arsenal related doesn’t suddenly make Arsenal fans all mature & understanding.

If they had a say in how Arsenal should function, there would have been changes done back in 2008-09 itself.


Even if fans are prepared to do what you’re claiming they have limited recources. While big brands like Nike and Adidas are throwing away money. If rumours are believed there is a bidding war going on for our kit deal. There is really no limit on the amount of secundairy partners that can be signed. Stop trolling. Enforcing matchday revenue would not be the smart business move.


You seem to forget the supporters are the club.

There is no club without supporters.

We have every right to complain.
What other business, that sells a product, can serve up shoddy goods yet have no come backs?

Every season we are served up ever increasing new lows, and yet you defend the club consistently and blame fans.

They have every right to be, as it’s their money that’s paying for the dross they are being served up by Wenger and the board.


Sentimental bs

If it were the case, Wenger wouldn’t have been offered the last contract. A clear Fuck you to stupid ass supporters and I loved it.


It is not because given how selfish fans are, it is not going to work.
But we have so many Arsenal supporters’ club & all, they should come together & assure the club that fans are now willing to do their part, rather than being a leech to the organization.


You’re the stupid ignorant one if you believe otherwise.

No supporters, no club.
That is a fact.


Plenty of bottom clubs are doing fine without supporters.
Broadcast & Commercial revenue is distributed equally regardless of fan strength.


What bottom club has no supporters?

They won’t distribute any money to any club that has no supporters.

It is an indisputable fact that without supporters there is no club.
Wenger, Kroenke, the players etc, come and go but the people who pay their wages are the club.
So for you to say they are selfish, and even going as far as to say they are “being a leech to the organisation,” is ridiculous.

Your defence of what is going on, and your continual insults towards the supporters, while defending the shambles Wenger and Kroenke are presiding over, is unbelievable.


Yes and you & your bunch of low income supporters are not the club.
Don’t be on such high horse dude.


Bournemouth has 1/10th of supporters and they get same distribution of TV deal.


Bournemouth average at about 10,000 on matchdays. Considering their stadium only holds 11,000 odd, that’s pretty good goong



They could have an empty stadium & they will still get same TV revenue.

Supporters don’t matter, unless they shell out cash to be a lucrative revenue stream.


And if no one cared about the sport anymore, do you think players would still make millions ? Sponsorship/ TV deals still worth astronomical amounts ?


Then we can drop ticket prices because football won’t be as crazy as it is.

But since it is crazy & clubs like Arsenal have to suck up & shell out money to get players, fans should suck up & do their bit to help the club as well.


Without fans, football isn’t worth a penny.

Young adults are already being priced out and they’re the next generation of season ticket holders. Not to mention families with children “sorry son, we can’t go anymore as it’ll cost us £500 now because some dude who never goes to matches thought we were being too selfish”

Sure, some fans probably would pay more, but a lot simply wouldn’t be able to afford it – even if they agreed with you, it just wouldn’t be feasible for many. Upping prices will just reduce the amount of supporters even more and you’ll end up with the same match day revenue as you do now – perhaps even less.


Don’t get why you guys bite anyways.



Then I don’t understand by what rights do you guys demand for new players, high wages for Ozil & Ramsey etc.