Manchester City thread


Gosh Burnley this Burnley that.

Is this the only season till date and only season there will be?

Do we not have to prepare for upcoming seasons?
If we have to, then we need to up our revenue to keep up with City.

If yes, then we should increase our ticket prices

Unless ofcourse you are happy with being ahead of likes of Burnley


Asset write down. An accounting trick to reduce tax liability.


Different clubs have different definition.
Some span out the transfer amount owed to other clubs over several seasons.

But that doesn’t mean expenses are not there.


Who cares. I’m telling you what it means for our club but anyway, I don’t think other clubs do have different definitions. It 100% means it’s not an expense. I know how it works, instead of you guessing why not go off and read about it.


So we discount that, how much do you think clubs’ profits are each season?


More than they let on.


Give me a rough figure


We could easily be spending 100m a season imo.


That’s hardly enough for one Aubameyang & his wages.

How are we going to compete with City who buy Walker, Mendy, Laporte, Bernardo Silva, Danilo, Ederson, in one season?

What do you suggest we do?


Where did I say we should be competing with City money wise. We should be doing everything we can. We don’t.


I don’t think you will go all ‘oh but they did their best’ when such a season actually happens.

That is just philosophical bullshit


You don’t know me then.


I do


Who knows?
If Wenger is still here next season, we could maybe see Watford, Everton and Leicester competing for the new sixth place trophy we are challenging for.

If the only way we can compete with the other top clubs, is to significantly increase our ticket prices, does this mean that Wenger was lying to the supporters when he said we could afford any player?
Surely, not your hero telling a pack of lies.

We are never going to compete with Man City, simply because we don’t have a manager or owner with any ambition other than to drift along in the Europa League places, so they might as well reduce prices.


Wait whut? Our matchday income is a lot higher than theirs. If you want to take anything away from these two graphs it is that Arsenal really to needs work on commercial revenue (even if theirs is artificially inflated to cope with financial fairplay). How on earth do you gather from this information that matchday is a revenue stream that needs to be put more effort in?


But that’s exactly what the majority of Arsenal fans have done year after year after year of Wenger’s reign.

Generalisation time:
1996 to 2004 - we are either the best team in the league or second to Man U, something everyone can understand as Man U were by far the richest and best run club.
2004 to 2006: An understanding that we might have fallen off the pace slightly with a great team coming to the end of its cycle, a stadium move imminent and the emergence of Chelsea.
2006 to 2011: Some loud dissenting voices emerge but the majority of Arsenal fans still believe that the team is broadly doing the best it can with a stadium to pay off.

After that it becomes murkier with regards to how large a percentage of the fanbase support the manager and believe that the team is doing the best it is capable of.

The point is, all evidence actually suggests that most Arsenal fans probably would give the club credit for doing the best it can but falling short of ultimately winning.


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