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There’s some revisionism here. Firstly City had finished 1st and then 2nd under Pellegrini the seasons before the mid-season announcement that he was leaving. They would of finished higher if it weren’t for the players stopped playing for him when they realised he was leaving.

Fernandinho was also always considered one of the leagues best DMs and was big money signings

Hart was one of the better GKs in the league, who he replaced with a mug, who he’s now replaced with a decent keeper after spending 50m. He’s not getting kudos for that.

There main issue was old players. So he’s replaced KDB for Yaya as a no8 conversion of sorts, although not that much of a conversion because KDB always seemed to go box to box.

Then there’s the old fullbacks he’s replaced. And at times he’s had an athletic Delph has filled in at FB as a competant water carrier. There’s not any tactical genius to that.

Sterling, Jesus and Sane have improved under him but they were 2 of the most talented in their age bracket in world football and should be at an age where they go up a level. They also all provide the high press he demands.

This is the best City side we have witnessed and the system is pure synergy but pretending he took over a bunch of dross is wrong.


I equate higher revenue with higher spending capacity.
If we want to compete with Clubs like City, Chelsea, PSG; we should maximize all aveneus of revenue.

Quite Simply Football fans for top clubs should be charged at the very minimum of 100-150pounds per week.

Anyone who disagrees with me is a grade A hypocrite.

If you find it fit to criticise & demand the sky from the club, then you should have the balls to shell out necessary monetary support to the club as well. Else STFU & go watch championship football.


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Fernandinho was definitively not considered one of the best DMs in the league when Pep took over. That is revisionist history.


All I’ve ever wanted from the club is for them to do all they are capable of to succeed. They haven’t even come close to doing that in a number of years now.

On no planet is 150 quid tickets a sustainable business model. The demand on the product is partially so great because the ticket prices are not unattainable. We can afford big transfer fees. We can afford big wages. We have been able to spend more than we have spent for at least ten years now. That’s all true with or without 150 pound tickets.




No, it’s not.


It so is


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Better ≠ the best, both were key players in title winning teams.

Fernandinho has always been a defensive shield who can play the ball out of the back and pick a pass. It’s pretty weird to pinpoint him as some massively changed player. Stones/Sterling/Sane have improved, while Fernandinho has pretty much been a constant. You’d think an Arsenal fan might have noticed he could play a bit in that 6-3 game.

But I suppose I’m talking to someone who thinks Pep invented football.

Who was clearly better than Fernandinho as an actual DM in the PL back then? Kante was playing B2B after all. Matic I suppose but he had regressed that year


You do realise that we are bordering £400m a season in income now, how the fuck can we not afford decent transfers is anyones guess. If we cant then it is because of wenger having so many players on stupidly huge wages which are utter fucking garbage which is fucking up our outgoings. When you have players like chambers on like 50k a week you know this social wage structure bollox is a total fucking waste.


Going to a football match includes train fares, food and drink.
Going to see Arsenal, if you are outside London travelling in, costs around that anyway.
If you are going away, then I would imagine it would cost considerably more.

We have broken even on most of the recent transfer windows, and we are possibly going to finish behind Burnley, so do you seriously think that our supporters should be charged more than double what they already pay?


They don’t pay for the product on the pitch. They pay to gain entrance to the stadium and have a seat. It’s up to the technical staff to put something together with the funds that is made available to them through various revenue streams. The ‘demands’ like you put come from a passion and following the club wanting to do well. That has nothing to do with the money they put up. They get what they are paying for; a ticket to enter the stadium.


Yes, I understand that better does not equal best. And that continues to be a hilarious statement. Hart was/is terrible.

Keep trying with the strawman statements though :+1: , I didn’t say Fernandinho was a massively changed player, though it’s clear he’s benefitted massively like other players (as is normal when you go from a manager like Pellegrini to one like Pep). I brought Fernandinho up because 1) (the statement that you’ve not addressed) he’s an internal solution that Pep’s found and 2) (the statement that you’ve not addressed) He was not someone that was rated when Pep took charge. You can go back to the summer that Pep was taking charge in this thread and surely find statements to the effect. It’s a simple factual statement.


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Out of that 400m, close to 350m gets used up & we are left with 51m or so profit before tax & Interest.
Take out Tax & Interest, we have 35m which is not even enough to get a decent defender these days.

Take City’s finances

Similar revenue
Their Profits : -1.1m
Their wages is around 70-80m more than ours.

We match them at every income points bar Matchday.
That’s where we can start filing the gap.
That’s how we can keep up with their unethical money influx from manipulated sources like their commercials.

If we double our Matchday revenue, we can keep up and we will have additional 100m for wages & player purchase.
If fans stop being unselfish, think of the club & start doing their bit, then we can keep up with clubs like City.


You know player amortisation isn’t actually money we spend, right?


What is it as per you?


We’re struggling to keep ahead of those big spenders at Burnley, so I don’t know how we are going to match all the other big clubs.

By your calculations, we would have been better off staying at Highbury.