Manchester City thread


He has had some heavy losses. 3x times 3/4-0 (Real, Barca, Liverpool) in his last five CL-seasons. I reckon there is more to that than just bad luck etc at this point. They conceded 6 goals over two games against Monaco too last season.


That’s for sure, but the fact is that he hasn’t really impressed with City so far. He has done the minimum.


I’m not sure I really agree that they didn’t look like scoring. Robbed of a goal that would’ve made it 2-0, even in the 2nd half De Bruyne missed an obvious through ball to put Jesus through before Liverpool scored the 2nd, and after Sané was ruled offside on a typical juego de posición move which would’ve resulted in a goal. Think they looked relatively threatening throughout. Been having to argue with my Madridista mates a lot and they are giving me the “yeah yeah, throw the whole book of excuses as always for Guardiola” but I think it was just really a case of the variation and bad luck that can happen in a knockout tie that you can’t have go against you when the margins are slim and you’re playing against a good opponent. And the tweet above posted by @Phoebica I think I also explains things pretty well.

For the record, I’m still not totally sure Madrid have a formula so much as they are obviously a top top club with a decent manager who I’ve underrated at times, and top top clubs tend to win things. I think in general people underestimate the role luck/variation plays in 180 minute ties and are very prone to ex post facto narrative fallacies, such as, “Pep can’t figure out CL ties” and “Madrid has a perfect formula for CL.” These kind of things can blow up with one different roll of the dice, for instance Madrid could’ve easily gone out against PSG in the first leg if PSG capitalised on one of it’s important opportunities when they had Madrid at the sword, before giving up some rather poor/fluky goals.

C’mon Luca, he has destroyed the PL in historic fashion this season. That is more than doing the minimum. I still insist, while the CL is the ultimate trophy, if you want the most accurate barometer of level/performance of a team you have to look at the league, and based on the league City is, as Will says, one of the best if not the best team in Europe atm.


All good points, and you’ve definitely expressed yourself better than I did haha. For what it’s worth I’m not sure how much of a ‘formula’ there is for Champions League success, so I’m perhaps overstating the thinking behind a cup competition compared to a league campaign. Cup success is a fine balance between talent and a bit luck when needed. Pretty much any team who has won the CL has had some tight calls go their way. Real have also had some calls go there way recently (especially last year vs Bayern), whilst having an incredible squad that can make a difference over 180 minutes.

Also I didn’t want to suggest that Pep can’t do it in the Champions League, I’m not sure if his thinking changes at the latter stages of the tournament or whatever, but two Champions League titles really doesn’t do his teams football or his own ability any justice. Last night was a bit different to other exits for me though. Whilst they dominated the game, and completely dominated the second half at Anfield, they appeared to be lacking creativity in the final third. Sané, Jesus, and De Bruyne particularly disappointing over the tie. It doesn’t feel like 2012 when he lost to Chelsea with Barca, when they absolutely dominated and created clear cut chances over the full 180, or even his defeat to Atletico in 2016.


This is dumb aussie. Under Pep they finished 1 point ahead of the horrible evil monster Wenger in their first season. If they go ahead and spend another quarter of a billion this summer then yeah they might just win it again, but we’ll have to see if the Sheikh allows him to do so. It’s anything buy a foregone conclusion though.


Yeah but if I said Chelsea were finishing 5th this season youd have been gobsmacked too. Lot of big teams in this league mate and its not that easy.


@AbouCuellar, you expect them to destroy the league with such a squad. The real target is the Champions League.


Nah think I predicted Chelsea 4th from memory, so not overly gobsmacked. Yeah its the big bad premier league and all that but City had the title won in January.


The title has been taken off them after they were docked 50 points for this cringefest


so tinpot

i take it thats one of those ‘totally legit not at all subsidiarys of the UAE goverment owned by the Sheikh owner’ brand partners.


You know they filmed that in like September.


They are annoying but this thread has turned cringe… is Pep still being debated and the fact they had the league wrapped up for so long lost on people?

Nothing is guaranteed when you have at least 3 big spenders, including the biggest brand in the world in your same city. And a resurgent Pool and Spurs, you still have to break records on the pitch.

CL and cups are a crap shoot to some degree - over the years you simply need to give yourself the chance as often as possible. The fairest measure of a team and manager is with large sample sizes and City has crushed that…

People still using first year or one aspect as a way to make an argument… by that logic, Di Mateo is super underrated b/c he took Chelsea to the CL.


I really wish I could explain this concept to my madridista friends…


At the same time when losing 4-0 to Real, 3-0 to Barcelona, 3-1 to Monaco and 3-0 to Liverpool it’s fair some questions are being asked.

But at the same time their is a good chance they’ll collect Champions League medals next year.


Yes those are valid criticisms (several big game failures) - but many managers have similar issues in their portfolio to be fair. The idea that spending big somehow makes it automatic is what I am reacting to… yes, it is huge advantage, in particular if you have time to spend yourself over a few years.

But Pep has proven himself at every stop, taking big teams with massive expectations and basically delivering.

Anyway, I would rate their chances at every competition at 10x ours next year…


2 years, not even Semis of CL. Enough said.

Getting PL and Carling cup has been achieved by other City managers for far less expenditure.


He’s going to win the Title with 100 points though which has never be done before.


This point doesn’t look at the bigger picture.

Players are considerably more expensive now than they were under Mancini and even Pellegrini.

Walker and Mendy wouldn’t have cost £50m four seasons ago. Because that was still a big sum of money to spend on a player.


They can’t have that excuse because Market inflation is caused by them.
No other club would have been so liberal with the money as City were. Unprovoked.

It’s akin to fat person blaming McDonald’s


So what?