Manchester City thread


So Guardiola hasn’t done better than Pellegrini in terms of trophies so far :wenger:


A lot like PSG they are not building enough real belief that they are good enough to be winners of this trophy. Threw a 2 goal lead away last season and now smashed by Liverpool.


If they only wanted to win the Premier League and the League Cup Pellegrini was enough.

The fact is that de Bruyne and Silva are not Xavi and Iniesta.


Not even Semis.

For the amount that was spent, this is turning out to be mediocre return from Guardiola


Sounds odd given they’re going to end the season with two trophies, but they’ve achieved the bare minimum expected in my opinion

If they want to cement their place at the big table they’re going to have to prove themselves on the big stage.

“Best PL team ever” Yeah, OK :roll_eyes:


But but but Pep “Bayerned” the Premier League tho :roll_eyes:


Last time Pellegrini was in charge Leicester walked the league so I don’t think he would be enough.


Reached the semi final of the champion league though with city.


Pep will win back to back titles in the league, which hasn’t been done for a decade.


Their owner want the Champions League :wink:


So what?


So Pellegrini is not as good as Pep, read the thread properly before idiotic nitpicking.


He is not. Pellegrini will not produce the kind of football that Pep does but if the final outcome is same for much higher expenditure; does it actually matter.

Not to mention, Pellegrini played some great football himself with lesser players.


I’m not going to even bother debating that lunacy if I was unemployed and bored I would but not in this lifetime.


So we’re giving City another league title before the season has even started? I mean, they’ll be big favourites and I wouldn’t bet against them, but one of the joys of football is that things don’t always go to plan.

Pellegrini is not a better manager than Pep but he did take them further in the CL and ultimately a decent CL run is what a lot of people are expecting from Pep, given the resources at his disposal. They went out in the last 16 last season, but there is a case to be made that this QF exit is worse, given the manner in which they lost.


Over 38 games and 9 months they seem to be that much superior to everyone else, I’d be truly gobsmacked if City don’t win b2b titles, much like I would have been gobsmacked if Arsenal finished top 4 this season.


You spend your whole time here repeating same stuff.
Take that high road bullshit somewhere where people would be naive enough to buy it.


And you are actually debating it now.

What happened? Lost your job in last hour?


For what it’s worth I still think City are comfortably the best in Europe this season. I just don’t understand why in the past few seasons Pep has struggled to find a formula to get goals when it matters. He’s been unlucky with some decisions, in the first and second leg they were robbed of two goals. But even so, for all the possession and domination they had last night they didn’t look like scoring, despite going with pretty much six attacking players.

The contrast between Man City and Real Madrid is stark. City can look like world beaters week in week out, yet Madrid have a formula for knockout football which Pep has struggled with in recent years.


The formula to Pep winning the CL is Messi.

No Messi, no Pep party :smile: