Manchester City thread



CUNT organisation.

The double standards with this dipshit organisation…


Let’s destroy this bald catalan tomorrow.


Lol! They destroyed a nothing club today.


He wore a yellow ribbon at wembley against us. Thats too much.


Mendy accusing his own club of making shit up :rofl:


Funny guy.


Sheik Monsours son asked him to buy him a cowboy outfit for his 5th birthday so he bought him Manchester City .


So City did score last night after all :wink:


Let alone the Invincibles, this City aren’t even above this double winning team:


That double winning side is at least as good as the Invincibles imo


was too young to really be around for that, so I couldn’t tell you. All I know is that they were stacked on PES2.

I mainly only paid attention at the start of the Invincible season.


I prefer the 01/02 team tbh. That team was better than our other 2 title winning teams



The double winning side was definitely better than 03/04 in my opinion, with every season that goes by and the league strengthens, it reinforces my belief that it’s not so much about the lack of losses in any individual campaign


The reason why Wenger signed Sylvestre.


So lost more games than Grahams 91 side then. Fuck off your nothing special.


Not sure that’s the best measure. You could just as easily point out that City still have 6 games to go and already have more wins than that Arsenal side, have already beaten that Arsenal sides point tally by one.

If they avoid defeat in their last six, they could finish with one fewer defeat than our 2001/02 double winning side, which presumably means they weren’t anything special either.

A record points total is still a distinct possibility, any side you can say that of are probably pretty special. Not to say that the last two matches haven’t taken the shine off them somewhat lol.


Chelsea’s record points title winning side only lost 1 game too. I know it’s not the best way of judging City - or any team - but the actual matches City have lost do give us an insight into their character. It feels a big close, but no cigar.

That’s why I hate it when people suggest this current City side are the best PL team ever. I know people have different definitions of what constitutes “the best” but IMO they’re not. Style goes out of the window when things aren’t going their way.

Their PL season deserves some respect of course, but a points tally is not the hallmark of a great team. They full short when it matters and their defence is vulnerable. More so than our Invincilble side and United’s team (take your pick from a couple of seasons for them) for example. We were both more of a full package I think. I feel like we showed more toughness and resilience, more technical ability. This City side looked lost in both games this week when they were down and out.

Us and United (probably Chelsea too) had bigger achievements in arguably tougher circumstances.


I’d say not the best side but to be fair, close. They are perhaps the most dominant prem team ever. Points don’t lie… wrapping the league up essentially in Feb/March is pretty insane.