Manchester City thread


Well, there wasn’t anything wrong with it…

Not sure what the point of this transfer is though.


Apart from obvious reduced loan fee & wages to show in books to comply with FFP.

The point of this transfer is to purchase for nothing & sell him off for a huge cash to balance the books.


Not sure that will work out for them…

As part of ESPN FC’s MLS Confidential annual anonymous player poll in 2017 which surveyed over 140 of the league’s current players, Diskerud was named as “the most overrated player in the league”—receiving 16% of the overall vote


Like that would stop City acquired Melbourne City to come in & bid for him.



They should be told to fuck off. The refs body should meet all clubs or no clubs. Should be no such thing as individual meetings.


We all play against the same teams. As for Cardiff their not in the prem. Fucking pathetic show last week with the 6 subs routine.
Before you call other teams about butchering players, take a look at your fucking owners in terms of butchering. Cunt club.


Fucking wankers where was our meeting after edu/Ramsey/diaby???

The whole league/media has bent over for that dirty oil money eh?


They can get absolutely fucked. Where was our meeting when we’ve been getting kicked off the pitch for the last 10 years?


Tbf they’ve had about a dozen tackles this season that could have been season/career enders and only resulted in bookings, no sendings off. They certainly need some more protection for their players but obviously so does every other team with flair players too.


Man City players need to stop moaning. And Sanè deserves to be booed by Cardiff fans for daring to get injured on their pitch.

That’s how it works isn’t it?


They are dominating the league and yet they complain for some harsh tackles? Pussies.


The ongoing issue I have a problem with is double standards when refereeing and the punishment associated. Bad tackle in a game, it’s a red one week, then it’s a yellow the next week and then sometimes it’s a caution. Until there is consistency there will always be animosity and argument among, players, managers, pundits and fans.

As for Man City wanting a meeting, I can’t blame them, they have had some bad tackles come their way this season which have caused long term injuries. If they bring this to the forefront, then it can only benefit all clubs including our own going forward. Let’s face it we all want the Shawcrosses of this word eradicated from the game of football.


We had 3 broken legs in like 3 or 4 years, why the fuck weren’t we demanding meetings?


They need to retro-punish bad tackles.

This “the ref saw it and gave a yellow so we can’t do anything about it” bollocks is stupid. They already had an advantage in only getting a yellow and not costing their team the game, they should still get the ban if it’s that bad.


Roses are red,
Violets are blue,


Without Abramovich

Chelsea would too :grinning:


some of these are hilarious :joy:

Roses are red
Pizza is great
You didn’t exist
Before 2008

rude to the old guard of City fans but funny nonetheless


It’s easy to mock City for it but I’d love a sugar daddy owner at Arsenal