Manchester City thread


Because he’s a cunt :wink:


I forgive all your Wenger slanders till date for that truth bomb.


All in all we just didn’t deserve to go though, we didn’t have a shot on target at the nou camp, though we put in a solid effort against what was a brilliant Barca side.


I can’t remember it exactly but he pushed Alves in the face. It may of been the incident that he was given his first yellow card for actually


Manchester City has only lost points one time in the whole first half of the season. Even with their spending that’s really incredible.


Meh, I’ve done similar with a net spend of only about £40m

Edit: should also add that this is having won the league unbeaten in my first season. That fraud Pep can fuck off


David Silva has revealed the reason for his absence. His son was born extremely premature :slightly_frowning_face:


Ahh poor guy.


Wish him all the best. Be strong David!


Instead of being selfish perhaps he could spare a thought for my fantasy football team. Transferred out Sterling instead of him because of the rich vein of form Silva was in at that point, and he just throws it back in my face like this.


Too far Jake, too far…




I thought it was only you on here who was the snowflake? :wink:

I was joking obviously. I actually did the same thing. I had David Silva in my team, and when he was out for “personal reasons” I was cursing him.


Likewise, I wouldn’t call someone a snowflake unironically :slight_smile:


Me too.
I replaced him with De Bruyne so it was still ok except he is more expensive.


Beautiful football.


Read this thread :joy:


Man City have taken over the contract of Mix Diskerud from their sister club New York City FC, signing him on a 4.5y deal whilst he looks for a new club. So dodgy…


The whole city group set-up shouldn’t be allowed in football


And people said there was nothing wrong with Lampard’s transfer to City.