Manchester City thread


Outside money in football might not have been a new thing with f.e. Al-Fahmy at Fulham at the time, but Chelsea for me is the club who are the ‘genesis’ of the whole sugar daddy thing. That alone is enough reason to make them the most disgusting in my book. Tottenham > Chelsea.


Sweet Holy Mary mother of Jesus fucking Christ.



This definitely has to be worse than me saying I prefer Chelsea to City. Especially as there isn’t really much in it for me between those two, i’d put them on the same tier.

Spurs and United are rock bottom. Then one above them is City and Chelsea.


I hate West Ham more than Man City.


Meh West Ham are harmless to me. Stoke, however. They can go rock bottom with Spurs and United too.

Will be happy when that club folds.


Any club managed by Mourinho but spurs, Man U then Chelsea, in that order are the clubs I dislike the most.



That’s my top 3 most hated clubs - and in that order too.


Is Liverpool hated because of fans mainly? They haven’t been relevant enough in the last decade to care


Yep. I hate them predominantly because of their deluded fans.


My favourite thing about Liverpool fans is the way they talk about Suárez as if he is only on loan at Barcelona :laughing:


My most hated teams Tottenham, Chelsea, United in that order.


Wb Barcelona? They cheated Arsenal out of shit. Would have them top 3 with Spurs. United. Chelsea, Bayern making up top 5. Quite happy when Madrid beats Barca to trophies, I want them to suffer :grinning:


I don’t think Barcelona cheated us out of anything to be honest. They’re just better than us.

There are teams abroad I dislike for various reasons, but I don’t really consider them in teams I hate lists’. They’re too far from home, there isn’t as big of a vested interest. And I can’t just hate a team because they beat us - wouldn’t be left with many teams :laughing:


2011 they did bc of RVP’s red card. And in 2006 apparently they had an offside goal, I’ve never brought myself to watch a painful match like that.


Just hope City lose a game. It was clear they were gonna walk the league in the summer.


That was mainly down to the ref.
But it was possibly one of the worst and most biased decisions I have seen in a CL game.
I don’t know if he was bribed or put under pressure but to send off our best player for the most spurious reason was a disgrace.


People forget Van Persie should’ve been sent off before the yellow cards


Yeah I think people often forget that too.


This also went unpunished.


Poor officiating all round.

Barca were insanely disrespecfful throughout the Fabregas situation. There was a lot of resentment for them back then because of that. It was simply a bigger club trodding over a smaller club because they could tbh.


I am unable to recall the game.